feel the pulse of

feel (or take) the pulse of

ascertain the general mood or opinion of.
The image here is of literally determining someone's heart rate by feeling and timing the pulsation of an artery.
1994 Daily Mirror Our new Housing Monitor…will take the pulse of the housing market to keep you informed about the value of your most precious asset—your home.
See also: feel, of, pulse
References in classic literature ?
She was evidently versed in the current domestic history; she was placed where she could feel the pulse of the house.
A high profile professional summit set to feel the pulse of the nation's HR community is HR Technology India 2011, taking place in Bengaluru at The Chancery Pavilion from 4 to 6 July, 2011.
In the Ubifrance pavilion, the French Buzz will help new participants feel the pulse of the market and get in touch with distributors, while Glass Vallee cluster of perfume bottle manufacturing companies will be represented by twelve companies.
A private 1,129 s/f outdoor space includes curved balconies and a grand terrace where Gouzer--who registered as an LLC for the purchase recorded in city records last week, but whose name was on state department records--can feel the pulse of the heart of the Chelsea gallery scene.
The elected members of the Parliament could actually feel the pulse of social fabric and come out with solutions for the problems of the people.
Stepping on the Cracks" presents an opportunity for careful counting in triple meter, ensuring students not only count correctly, but feel the pulse of beats, rests and time signature.
You can feel the pulse of the city and the hearts of its people.
But Worcester witnessed the real thing in action, thanks to a man whose fingers feel the pulse of one of popular music's most defining, vibrant and exciting forms.
He can feel the pulse of his audience on his fingertips.
It's here were you can feel the pulse of development, where a lot of decision-makers in the international domain industry come together and exchange information with all the right people at a meaningful level.
The 4th annual UOWD Career Fair attracted 24 multinational and local companies, helping young undergraduate and post-graduate students feel the pulse of the job market and identify potential job openings.
Rahul Gandhi had visited a Dalit's colony earlier this month to feel the pulse of rural life.
Viewers will also feel the pulse of New York's vibrant neighborhoods with Home Sweet Home's neighborhood travelogues every week.
But he can almost feel the pulse of the growing market on his computer keyboard.