feel the pulse of

feel the pulse of (something)

To use one's intuition to identify the current mood or feeling of a person, group, or setting. Try to feel the pulse of the crowd. If they seem bored, play some more upbeat songs.
See also: feel, of, pulse

feel (or take) the pulse of

ascertain the general mood or opinion of.
The image here is of literally determining someone's heart rate by feeling and timing the pulsation of an artery.
1994 Daily Mirror Our new Housing Monitor…will take the pulse of the housing market to keep you informed about the value of your most precious asset—your home.
See also: feel, of, pulse
References in classic literature ?
Don Diego; "all I can tell thee is that I have seen him act the acts of the greatest madman in the world, and heard him make observations so sensible that they efface and undo all he does; do thou talk to him and feel the pulse of his wits, and as thou art shrewd, form the most reasonable conclusion thou canst as to his wisdom or folly; though, to tell the truth, I am more inclined to take him to be mad than sane.
Repeat me some of your long-measure verses, senor, if you will be so good, for I want thoroughly to feel the pulse of your rare genius.
Doesn't Orbos listen to the radio, watch TV or read the Inquirer to feel the pulse of the public about how effete the MMDA has been by and large perceived to be for the longest time?
The move is meant to also feel the pulse of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and the world.
Rama said Binay led the community walk in order to personally meet and feel the pulse of ordinary Cebuanos in the city's major public markets.
Mr Blair received a muted reception at the Royal Opera House event last night, but said: "I feel the pulse of progress beat a little more confidently.
Gandhi is reportedly making efforts to feel the pulse of the youth in the economically backward regions of the country.
And distribution companies have to feel the pulse of the fluctuating cost and shipment expenses of petrol.
A private 1,129 s/f outdoor space includes curved balconies and a grand terrace where Gouzer--who registered as an LLC for the purchase recorded in city records last week, but whose name was on state department records--can feel the pulse of the heart of the Chelsea gallery scene.
Fly phone theatre MV135 - Feel the pulse of beats and music with Booom speakers [Review]
The elected members of the Parliament could actually feel the pulse of social fabric and come out with solutions for the problems of the people.
The 4th annual UOWD Career Fair attracted 24 multinational and local companies, helping young undergraduate and post-graduate students feel the pulse of the job market and identify potential job openings.
Stepping on the Cracks" presents an opportunity for careful counting in triple meter, ensuring students not only count correctly, but feel the pulse of beats, rests and time signature.
You can feel the pulse of the city and the hearts of its people.