feel of

a/the feel of (something)

A good sense of a situation or how to do something; substantial knowledge or experience in something. Once I have a feel of the company's daily operations, I'll be more comfortable in this management role. The new mayor seems to still be getting the feel for how to run a city. I have a feel for horses after working on a ranch for so many years.
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*feel of something

Fig. a sense for how something feels when it is being used correctly. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I haven't yet got the feel of this bat. I hope I don't strike out. I can drive better now that I have the feel of this car's steering.
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He knew the feel of his body in fast motion so well that the kinetic adjustments became subtle reflexes, leaving his mind free to play.
For many metalcasters, there is no substitute for the smooth and silky feel of perfectly conditioned green sand.
The feel of molding sand also relates to the ability of molding sand operators to have the desired squeeze and correct quantity of sand remaining on their hand after it is returned to the molding sand system.
Although not able to see clearly and ascertain the differences between the physical facial features of a mother or father, the baby learns to distinguish between the tone and timber of his parents' voices, as well as the feel of their embrace.
I like the feel of that phrase, "the threshold of singing." It reminds me of tapping feet at the edge of the dance floor, or of children who have just spotted an ice-cream truck.
Conference and reception areas play an important role in establishing the feel of an Adult Day Care Center.
Although the officer in Dickerson contended that he immediately recognized the feel of crack cocaine before conducting the expanded manipulation of the object in Dickerson's pocket,(21) the Supreme Court apparently agreed with the Minnesota Supreme Court's conclusion set forth below that the officer's contention was not credible:
To help scientists correlate the feel of atomic landscapes with the visual appearance of STM images, the IBM team plans to program an auxiliary computer to display images of sample surfaces that also show the path of the tip as it was steered by the teleoperator.
As with Hollis' system, an operator may literally get the feel of an object, Hunter and his collaborators suggested at last year's Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conference on robotics and automation, held in Scottsdale, Ariz.
They have a real interest in fantasy and illusion, and the otherworldly feel of dance, and on top of that, they're all nice.
It was not the words but the push, the sense, the feel of his finger that haunted me as I walked back to my pew.