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And we feel honour-bound to address every message that stares us in the face.
As the resident GulfWeekly YouthTalk correspondent, I feel honour-bound to set the record straight.
I think they just feel honour-bound to give political updates.
British supermarket chains should feel honour-bound to give a commitment that they will stock Windward Isles bananas in the long-term.
I FEEL honour-bound to help raise awareness of the horrendous situation with HIV/Aids which is wiping out millions of men, women and children.
The subsequent media attention has damaged my reputation, and I feel honour-bound to step down before endangering the reputation of the constabulary that I have been proud to lead for the last three years.
In a statement, Mr Lloyd said: "I feel honour-bound to step down.
When the All Blacks came to Europe the autumn before the World Cup, they brought over a largely experimental squad with most of their first-team regulars left at home to recuperate and none of the home unions should feel honour-bound to take their best players on tour this summer.
He adds: "People always feel honour-bound to reply, as long as it's not completely rude.
However, since Mark Johnston has recently been behaving like an old woman, I feel honour-bound to put pen to paper, as someone in possession of both back garden and racehorses.
Would the lad, knowing what little I know about him, feel honour-bound to take them back up?
You should mark his card very firmly and suggest that he cleans up his act PDQ or you might well feel honour-bound to inform his wife about what her husband is getting up to.
Why should society feel honour-bound to support artists who make no effort to make saleable work, and how does Art benefit society.
For one thing, after this week's conference, those MPs criticising their leader must feel honour-bound to show their hand and demand a leadership ballot.
So I feel honour-bound to put myself at the infantile end of the spectrum.