feel guilty

feel guilty (about something)

to feel that one is to blame for something; to feel intense regret for something that one has done. I feel guilty for forgetting about your birthday. You shouldn't feel guilty about the accident. It's not your fault.
See also: feel, guilty
References in classic literature ?
I would feel guilty if there were anything I was ashamed to tell you.
We re not short on situations when we feel guilty in our lives.
Close to two thirds feel guilty when they do something that is not environmentally friendly.
Will I make him feel guilty if we go a long way and England didn't?
I will always feel guilty I didn't pay more attention and didn't speak up.
LIVERPOOL defender Martin Skrtel insists he does not feel guilty about his challenge on Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea which resulted in a three-match ban.
He denied it and shouted at me, reeling off a whole lot of jobs he was doing for me to make me feel guilty.
He said, 'Don't tug on people's heart strings and make people feel guilty - don't make people feel guilty because if they feel guilty they will give a fiver, if they are having fun they will give 20 quid.
The Golden Globe winner said that she did feel guilty and scared if she worked, and guilty and afraid about not working, asserting now it felt awesome to have another baby when she was a grown-up.
ISLAMABAD -- Nearly half of women feel guilty about eating carbohydrates, even though carbs have an essential part in a healthy diet, according to a research finding.
This is a story that has largely gone untold, I suspect because only a handful of reporters and editors have served in the military and either don't know the facts or feel guilty about criticizing the people who are serving while they aren't.
The data showed money matters often prick the conscience of smokers as almost a third (31%) said they feel guilty about the amount they spend on cigarettes and a similar number (30%) stated they avoid thinking about it.
I feel guilty about celebrating but I'm not going to apologise for it because you have a lot of moments of disappointment in this sport and I wanted to savour this.
You can feel guilty if you hang up the phone in the face of an obnoxious telemarketer who is trying to sell you life insurance.
Why should I feel guilty when a charity includes in their envelope a pen, or a blanket, or even 12p for some reason or another and I do not respond to the request.