feel free

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feel free

To not hestitate (to do something); to consider oneself welcome (to do something). The phrase is used to indicate that something is completely permissible or encouraged. Feel free to come over whenever you want—I'll be home all day. Feel free to contact me at this number.
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feel free (to do something)

to feel like one is permitted to do something or take something. Please feel free to stay for dinner. If you see something you want in the refrigerator, please feel free.
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feel free

Be uninhibited about doing or saying something. For example, Feel free to borrow the car whenever you need it, or You want to state the case? Feel free. For a synonym, see be my guest.
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feel ˈfree (to do something)

(informal) (used to give somebody permission to do something) you may do as you want; nobody will object if you do something: ‘May I borrow your bike?’ ‘Feel free!’Feel free to come and go as you like.
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A Puppy Derby semi-finalist at Wimbledon in August, Feel Free was then sidelined by injury for two months, resuming in the Produce Stakes and notching up his third open win in the pounds 15,000 final.
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There are too many people who feel free to break traffic laws knowingly and feel they can get away with it,'' said Councilman Dave Weaver, who has been advocating photo enforcement since 1997.
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