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I don't feel bad because of the pressure - it's about letting people down.
And if the films don't make us feel bad about our lives, they may well leave us with the odd niggling question about how we might make better use of our own time.
(Initially, it makes me feel bad. But it's just this: to be honest, a person who is looking for faults will not stop finding faults, and will continue finding ways to look for faults.)
"I really don't feel bad about it, not even for a second.
Does she feel bad about betraying Sean with her feelings?
There comes a moment when you say, 'where am I going to go with my family?' And you begin to feel bad."
"If somebody is feeling bad then I feel bad for them and just want to go and help them."
I had a lot of casual sex which made me feel bad - it seems unlikely I know.'
"You feel bad that you haven't achieved what the fans expected you to, that is difficult when you come away from the race here.
But if I feel bad about that and pick up the telephone and my credit card to make myself feel better, maybe my guilt can do some good.
Shame is the tendency to feel bad about yourself following a specific event.
Don't feel bad, tens of millions of your fellow Americans haven't heard of it either.
What is it like being the `other woman?' Do you feel bad about it, but hopelessly in love?
Dieting articles make girls feel bad about themselves!"
If we're going to speak about dancers' emotional problems, we need to discuss how the subculture causes these artists to feel bad about themselves, be perfectionists, and strive for unattainable goals.