feed (up)on (someone or something)

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feed (up)on (someone or something)

Literally, to eat or consume something for sustenance. Ugh, as soon as I go outside, I feel like the mosquitos are just feeding on me!
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feed (up)on someone or something

to eat someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) They say that some Bengal tigers feed upon people. They feed on anything that moves.
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feed on

To be nourished or sustained by something. Used especially of animals: Pigs feed on corn husks.
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References in classic literature ?
This one glared and growled at the girl for a moment and then fell to feeding upon the dead horse.
Among her topics are Protestant church historiography and Revelation commentaries and the Asia Minor narratives, apocalyptic Arcadia and Elizabethan England, feeding upon Urania's "sweet words:" overthrowing Antichrist through devotion to the Word, Amphialus and the half-reformed Church of England, and the English Church under the Tudor queens in Sidney's topical allegory.
Rather than doing it discreetly, the moth was 'constantly moving its proboscis toward the birds' ocular area, sometimes resting it inside the eye and presumably feeding upon secretions (tears),' Moraes wrote in his report.
'This false and even dystopian dichotomy has regained some currency by feeding upon growing public frustration with governments' inability to make democracy work for all,' Gascon said.
Experts describe loss of these endangered reptiles as devastating for environment as turtles are among the key species which keep aquatic environment clean by feeding upon dead organic material and dead fish.
Before filing her nomination papers, she reiterated that it was upsetting for her to see that the bug of casteism is still feeding upon India, which otherwise wants to advance in all aspects.
MELIPHAGOUS A Able to mix or mingle B Softened by ripeness or age C Feeding upon honey who am I?
Some he meets are friends, some are neutral, and some are predators interested in feeding upon him.
Mainly active in the early morning and the late afternoon it is both a grazer and a browser, feeding upon foliage, fruits and grasses.
Studies have examined the responses invoked in snails by the mere presence of a predator, predators feeding upon unrelated prey and predators feeding on conspecifics (Yamada et al., 1998; Turner et al., 2006; Turner, 2008).
The violence in Syria appears to be feeding upon itself.
Spectacle existed for its own sake more than in any other sort of theatre, feeding upon itself, growing bigger and bigger, greedily consuming all the resources of technology, money, and manpower it was given.' Michael Booth, Victorian Spectacular Theatre (1981), p.
This province is endowed with rich mineral and coastal resources, but unfortunately the centre and Punjab have been exploiting its resources and feeding upon it like a parasite.
Such resistance, Munro maintains, makes the crowd dangerous, both to the state and to itself by virtue of its internal festering and plague-like feeding upon itself.