feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

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feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

1. Literally, to give food to someone or an animal. Don't worry, I already fed dinner to the kids. Have you fed dry food to the cat today?
2. To tell to someone something that is untrue. If you keep feeding Mom and Dad lies, they're gonna be furious when they inevitably find out the truth.
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feed something to (someone or an animal)

to give someone or an animal food. Don't feed pizza to the baby. I fed the leftover turkey to the dog.
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feed something to someone

Fig. to tell someone lies. Don't try to feed that nonsense to me! I know it isn't so. Please don't feed any of those lies to Mark.
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She increased the force of her efforts and Numa looked up from his feeding to growl again.
The increasing commercialization of the livestock sector, from feeding to processing, has created significant demand for nutrient-rich liquid feed supplements across the globe.
Limited milk or milk replacer feeding to calves usually reduces their growth (Khan et al., 2007a), health and behavior (Huzzey et al., 2005) due to poor nutrients supply (Khan et al., 2007b).
Yilmaz et al in his study compared the effects of cup feeding to bottle feeding on breast feeding in preterm infants and noted that cup feeding significantly increased the likelihood of late preterm infants being exclusively breast fed at discharge, 3 and 6 months11.
Design provides first-in/ first-out (FIFO) feeding to the extruder and eliminates segregation of virgin pellets and additives.
Custom-grind and mix feeds dropped six points, as did feeding to cooperative-owned animals.
In this manner, a molten metal channel is maintained to provide feeding to all sections of the casting.
The director of nurses or designated quality assurance representative will perform the following systemic changes: randomly checking, weekly, three residents who are receiving tube feeding to ensure that the feedings and equipment are working properly.
Although the strip feed method is the best, most of the companies allow this method of feeding to be misused also, in that they allow the operators to over fill the nip with a bank of rubber for the operators' convenience.
Design provides first-in/first-out (FIFO) feeding to the extruder and eliminates segregation of virgin pellets and additives.
The feeder controller will indicate that everything is okay, since it is feeding to setpoint.
Design provides "first-in/first-out" (FIFO) feeding to the extruder and eliminates segregation of virgin pellets and additives.
For direct-to-the-throat colorant/additive feeding to injection machines or extruders, Model BFO or Model BF6 metering feeders provide volumetric metering with repeatable accuracy of [+ or -]1% or better.
* Determines: Quality (uniformity) required, screen size, rotor speed, and evacuation method (e.g., proportional feeding to a hopper loader, blower to storage).