feed off (of) (someone or something)

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feed off (of) (someone or something)

1. Literally, to use someone or something as a source of sustenance. The kittens still need to feed off their mother for a few more days. The tribe primarily feeds off of nuts, berries, and tubers they forage in the forest.
2. By extension, to use someone or something to one's advantage. These insurance companies are just trying to make money by feeding off our anxieties.
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feed off (of) something

to eat something in particular customarily. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) This creature feeds off fallen fruit. Mosquitoes seem to want to feed off of me!
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feed off

To be nourished, sustained, or fueled by something: The microbes feed off the decaying seaweed. The politicians are feeding off of the public's fear.
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The new third pair, Blossomfield's Josie Williamson, 23 and big-hitting Lilly Mould, 17, the former British junior champion proved a revelation, feeding off one another's energy as they served and volleyed their way to straight sets victory over former British number 1 Amanda Wainwright and Annall Olivell.
As we often do with products and companies--partly for our own cynical amusement--my colleague Paul Bertorelli and I were recently feeding off one another and poking holes in Garmin's hugely successful G1000 integrated avionics.
Bellamy believes a successful Cardiff in the Premier League will lead to a successful Wales, the two teams feeding off one another.
Selig and Sabesan share a partners' office, feeding off one another through the day, able to fill in for each other if one of them is out of the office.
Speaking about the event,Chris Fountain, managing director at Turret Media who is the organiser said: "The pan-Arab media industry is growing faster than that of any other region, at about 19 percent per year, with both online and offline channels expanding and even feeding off one another.
A combination of grace and power, in show jumping, horse and rider become one unit, sharing and feeding off one another's confidence and capabilities.
One of the concerned farmers who raised the issue, and asked not to be named, said he saw crows and gulls feeding off one of the carcasses.
The players and supporters, feeding off one another, make us more of a force."
The articles established an instant relationship between us, and we began feeding off one another.
The confidence exuded by Sudbury's mining supply community combined with the city's efforts to develop and implement a comprehensive business and investment attraction strategy has service and supply firms feeding off one another.
"Pontypridd have got a good spirit and good players in key positions, who are feeding off one another, " said Walne.
Friedman fears that the fundamentalists and maximalists on both sides will continue feeding off one another until the peace process is irreparably damaged or entirely scuttled.