feed with

feed (someone or an animal) with (something)

1. To give someone or an animal a particular food item. Did you feed the cat with dry food today?
2. To use a utensil or implement to give someone or an animal food. The kittens were so small when we found them that we had to feed them with an eye-dropper.
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feed (someone, something, or an animal) with something

1. to feed something to someone, a group, or an animal. The camp cook fed them with hot dogs and beans. We fed the dogs with the leftovers.
2. to use a tool or utensil to feed someone, a group, or an animal. He fed the baby with a spoon. We fed the entire group with paper plates.
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Some equipment builders "slave" the additive feed rate to extruder screw speed or injection cycle time; some tie it to the rate of virgin resin feed with an adjustment factor for colored regrind percentage.
Solidification is always accompanied by unlimited liquid feed with adequate thermal gradient for the promotion of structural soundness.
"It's a matter of good housekeeping, not a trip to the moon." It helps that he orders feed with roasted whole soybeans instead of meat and bone meal, which are the primary carriers of salmonella.