feed to

feed something to (someone or an animal)

to give someone or an animal food. Don't feed pizza to the baby. I fed the leftover turkey to the dog.
See also: feed

feed something to someone

Fig. to tell someone lies. Don't try to feed that nonsense to me! I know it isn't so. Please don't feed any of those lies to Mark.
See also: feed
References in classic literature ?
These piteous wrecks that are my comrades here say we have reached the bottom of the scale, the final humiliation; they say that when a horse is no longer worth the weeds and discarded rubbish they feed to him, they sell him to the bull-ring for a glass of brandy, to make sport for the people and perish for their pleasure.
Further studies are necessary to document the precise contribution of contaminated animal feed to human illness.
Their stated goal: to reduce salmonella contamination in feed to zero.
But there's no doubt that salmonella can work its way from feed to dinner plate.
SingleFeed checks the feed for errors, walks the merchant through any errors to make changes, manually categorizes the products in the feed, and then submits and automatically re-submits the data feed to the selected shopping comparison engines.
Automatically Find RSS Feeds - When users find an RSS feed while surfing the Web, they are able to easily add the feed to the subscriptions in Outlook with just one click using a toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox that automatically detects RSS feeds.
Once subscribers choose an IMN customer's RSS feed to be included in their aggregation service, headlines and abstracts of online content published by that customer will be downloaded into the subscribers' aggregation directory page.