feed off (of) (someone or something)

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feed off (of) (someone or something)

1. Literally, to use someone or something as a source of sustenance. The kittens still need to feed off their mother for a few more days. The tribe primarily feeds off of nuts, berries, and tubers they forage in the forest.
2. By extension, to exploit someone or something for one's benefit or advantage. These insurance companies are just trying to make money by feeding off our anxieties. A con man feeds off of gullible simpletons who will fall for his tricks.
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feed off (of) something

to eat something in particular customarily. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) This creature feeds off fallen fruit. Mosquitoes seem to want to feed off of me!
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feed off

To be nourished, sustained, or fueled by something: The microbes feed off the decaying seaweed. The politicians are feeding off of the public's fear.
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His reply: 'Yes, if they are my kids.' Speaks volumes for the way ignorance and arrogance feed off one another.
"We just kind of feed off one another, and we haven't really stopped since I returned from my injury just before the Lake County Invite," said Vandervere (9-0), who underwent surgery last June to repair a torn ACL, and looks to be more than ready to improve on his third-place finish at state last February.
There are many ice shelves here that form intricate glacial systems that feed off one and other, growing and shrinking constantly.
Hiwula said: "Devante and I have know each other a long time and feed off one another."
Shepard's biographers and other critics have explored the connections between Shepard's acting and his written work, and addressed how they feed off one another, so Skelton's "transmedial approach" (10) may not be as original as he claims.
Richter's work focuses on developing computational techniques and simulations to better understand the turbulence in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL)--where the sky meets the sea--as well as the complex ways in which the air and sea interact and feed off one another.
A much bigger CLAY, Burrows says, is likely to mean a more exciting and more inspiring gathering, as people feed off one another's enthusiasm.
Readers will love the duality of Marina and Cherish with Cherish being the Fade and Marina being the human, but they each can hear one another and feed off one another.
Perhaps most importantly, we hope they will feed off one another's creativity, collaborate, and support each other in the process of finding success in their ventures.
Neal, The Patterson's developer, said the housing and business projects can feed off one another and revitalize the neighborhood.
I am sure that when we meet up in camp on Wednesday there will be an extra spring in the step of everybody and we can all feed off one another.
"We've forged a great partnership and feed off one another.
If you are co-operating with someone close to you, perhaps on a small enterprise, you can both feed off one another's enthusiasm.
"It was great to be in a three-ball with Darren and Thomas, who won the Spanish Open on Sunday, and we all seemed to feed off one another."