feed back to

feed something back to someone

to give or hand something back to someone. We fed the rope back to those in line behind us. Feed back the papers to the clerk.
See also: back, feed
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Trainees also train the trainers by giving feed back to them, he remarked.
Their prototype is about the size of half a kitchen table--"a flying platform"--weighing 15 to 20 pounds and equipped with distance-measuring sensors, infra-red lights and cameras with video feed back to an operator who can view the images on a lap-top.
Every 11 seconds, transducers in the controller feed back to the computer new information on the resident's position in the chair.
FTP enhancement, eliminating reliance on SMF record type 15 for all data set closures in favor of SMF record type 118 to differentiate between a successful and unsuccessful transmission and to feed back to ESP more information about the transmission via symbolic variables.