feed back into

feed (something) back into (something)

To try to re-insert something into a machine. Good luck feeding that paper back into the printer—that thing seems to have a mind of its own!
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feed something back into something

to return something back to where it came. I tried to feed the stamps back into the machine, but, of course, they wouldn't go. The machine made too many boxes, but you can't feed them back into it!
See also: back, feed
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People will be paid for generating electricity for their own use and to feed back into the National Grid.
Drawing traditions were questioned a lot, as were materials and the way things were built.' (4) Yet somehow this untried and untested synergy of architecture and engineering, computer whizzery and craft skills came together and its reservoir of accumulated knowledge will gradually feed back into and enrich the continuum of architectural evolution.
Railroads pay lower tariffs than do trucking companies--about half--and with more grain coming in on the tracks, the resulting savings will feed back into the system.
The evidence will provide the basis from which the NCGE will operate and feed back into government policy, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship among students and graduates.