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Pacco, the zebra, and Wappi, the antelope, have those about the herd who keep watch while the others feed, while we, the great Mangani, let Numa, and Sabor, and Sheeta come when they will and carry us off to feed their balus.
But this was not all; for now I not only had goat's flesh to feed on when I pleased, but milk too - a thing which, indeed, in the beginning, I did not so much as think of, and which, when it came into my thoughts, was really an agreeable surprise, for now I set up my dairy, and had sometimes a gallon or two of milk in a day.
Certainly the broad teeth and strong jaws of this animal are well fitted to grind into pulp the aquatic plants on which it feeds.
Speakers offered perspectives on bacterial contamination of animal teed, including examples of human illnesses traced to Salmonella-contaminated feed, and data showing how contaminated animal feed contributes to human foodborne illness.
Although the states' use was illegal at the time under the reform law, the actions offered evidence "of the value and benefit of using paid feed ing assistants," the lawsuit stated
In spite of the potential gains from grooved feed extrusion, most U.
Filling out a data feed for any one shopping comparison engine can take hours," said Brian Smith, an independent ecommerce analyst and founder of SingleFeed.
supplier of metallocene resins, has no preference for one type of feed section over the other, according to development associate Tom Butler.
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With the Attensa Feed Server individuals, workgroups, departments and entire organizations can securely receive internal and external RSS information.
Geffen Records has selected FeedBurner, the market-leading feed management provider, to manage Web feeds for its artists' content, including Mary J.
Company Releases Enhanced Capabilities for Using RSS Feeds to Distribute and Integrate Managed Content and Content Services in Stellent Universal Content Management
Automatically Find RSS Feeds - When users find an RSS feed while surfing the Web, they are able to easily add the feed to the subscriptions in Outlook with just one click using a toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox that automatically detects RSS feeds.