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in fee

law (specifically of land) In absolute legal ownership or subjection. The courts have found that as the estate is in fee by Mrs. Williams, as arranged in the prenuptial agreement, Mr. Williams has no legal claim to the grounds or anything built thereon.
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feeling OK

1. A phrase used to ask someone if they are feeling fine, especially when one suspects they may not be. I heard you were sick earlier this week—are you feeling OK now? Feeling OK today, Tim? You look a little under the weather.
2. Feeling fine. Yeah, I'm feeling OK, just tired.
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The tax treatment of damages and legal fees and costs varies according to the type of underlying claim, Congressional action providing an above-the-line deduction for legal fees for discrimination claims and a recent Supreme Court decision in Commissioner v.
While award fee arrangements should be structured to motivate excellent contractor performance, award fees must be commensurate with contractor performance over a range from satisfactory to excellent performance.
Fee Real Estate stated, "Our initial efforts included contacting FEMA, The Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
Virginia has been charging a 50-cent fee on each new tire sold in the state since 1989.
1) Provide notice that a fee will be imposed for providing electronic fund transfer services or a balance inquiry; and
The fee changes are expected to generate an additional $120,000 for the airport, although McFadden says that amount still won't be enough to offset cost increases.
A recent University of Massachusetts-Amherst study found that low-income residents of New Hampshire and Vermont have cut back on their use of public lands since the Forest Service began charging fees for hikers and other wilderness users in the region.
In a pricey market, seniors are generally more reluctant to pay relatively high, $3,000-a-month plus service fees rather than committing to a one-time entry fee with a lower monthly service fee.
The judges not only supported Southworth's contention that the fees violated his First Amendment rights but struck down the university's argument that subsidizing political activities was "germane" to its educational mission.
The definitions contained in FDCPA make it plain that a contingent fee agent would be covered by the Act.
Preset fees are usually based on a national or regional fee schedule.
Even though the plaintiff was found by the Court to be technically a prevailing party in the litigation, the Court stated that the most critical factor in determining the reasonableness of a fee award is the degree of success obtained.
NRC spokesman Frank Ingram responds that the fee is not meant to represent actual inspection costs.
Research consistently backs up what recreation officials in fee areas have known for years: The public is willing to pay.