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federal case

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make a federal case (out) of (something)

To exaggerate or build up the importance of something; to make a big deal out of something. The phrase is often used to complain that someone is exaggerating a problem or alleged wrongdoing. So I ate your leftovers. Geez, don't make a federal case out of it! I'm not trying to make a federal case out of it, but I know you stole my new sweater!
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make a federal case out of something

 and make a big deal about something
to exaggerate the seriousness of something. Come on. It was nothing! Don't make a federal case out of it. I only stepped on your toe. Don't make a big deal about it.
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make a federal case of

Also, make a big deal of. Give undue importance to an issue, as in I'll pay you back next week-you needn't make a federal case of it, or Jack is making a big deal of filling out his passport application. The first hyperbolic expression, almost always used in a negative context, alludes to taking a legal action before a high (federal) court. The second alludes to an important business transaction (see big deal, def. 1).
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make a federal case out of something

If someone makes a federal case out of something, they treat it as if it is much worse or more serious than it really is. Note: In the first two expressions, a case is a matter that is being dealt with by a lawyer or doctor, rather than referring to a box or suitcase. I am not trying to make a federal case out of it, but with minor changes, you could achieve so much more.
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Don’t make a federal case out of it!

sent. Don’t make such a fuss!; This isn’t as important as you are making it. So, I dropped a whole dozen eggs! I’ll clean it up. Don’t make a federal case out of it!
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federal diploma

n. a U.S. bank note. I could use a few extra of those federal diplomas.
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federal jug

n. a federal prison. (see also jug.) Lefty is fresh and sweet—just out of the federal jug.
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make a federal case out of something

tv. to exaggerate the importance of an error; to overdo something. Do you have to make a federal case out of everything?
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We want to emphasize that the Federal Reserve will continue to make cash services available to depository institutions throughout the country, although in some cases we will do so with a different business model," he said.
Another calculation that follows Federal law is the limit on passive activity losses from actively managed rental real estate.
But officials with some of the affected commissions said not having the participation of the federal government can make their work more difficult.
Getting even further from the essence of criminal behavior, many federal laws impose criminal sanctions for so-called public welfare offenses.
For example, in federal court, a corporate defendant has two opportunities to dismiss a lawsuit before trial: a motion to dismiss (which tests the legal sufficiency of a plaintiff's case) and a motion for summary judgment (which tests the factual sufficiency).
97-01 MANDATES that a federal reporting entity prepare an annual financial statement consisting of (1) an overview of the reporting entity, (2) principal statements and related notes, (3) required supplemental stewardship information and (4) required supplemental information.
As the Founders pointed out, we have not just a republic, but a "compound republic," with powers distributed not only among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, but even more importantly, between the federal, state, and local governments.
A short news segment asked whether workers knew "that there's a federal agency designed solely to assist government agencies with the procurement process?
When federal legislation passes, it will assuredly retain state premium-tax authority because there is no interest in doing anything to the contrary, and there is no constituency seeking anything to the contrary.
The Federal Ministry of the Interior instructs that electronic records also have to meet the requirements for recordkeeping in public administrations, which are prescribed in laws, standing orders, regulations, and instructions.
United States Army Corps of Engineers, a federal judge in New Jersey held that the Corps of Engineers could not require a federal permit to fill approximately 54 acres of wetlands merely because the wetlands were connected by a stream to the Hackensack River.
A combination of eight federal, state, or local agencies actively take part in the prosecution, enforcement, or administration of Richmond's Project Exile.
despite the challenges ingot makers face, the term "non-profit" didn't apply to Federal Metal.
This decision follows several years of efforts to reorganize and recapitalize Western Federal following the federal government's repudiation of an agreement it signed with the investment group which acquired Western Federal in 1988.
Nearly all States require taxpayers to report the results of federal income tax examination adjustments to the state taxing authorities.
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