feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

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feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

1. Literally, to give food to someone or an animal. Don't worry, I already fed dinner to the kids. Have you fed dry food to the cat today?
2. To tell to someone something that is untrue. If you keep feeding Mom and Dad lies, they're gonna be furious when they inevitably find out the truth.
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feed something to (someone or an animal)

to give someone or an animal food. Don't feed pizza to the baby. I fed the leftover turkey to the dog.
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feed something to someone

Fig. to tell someone lies. Don't try to feed that nonsense to me! I know it isn't so. Please don't feed any of those lies to Mark.
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Back in 2003, the amount of grain fed to US livestock would feed about 840 people following a plant-based diet, said The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The hype machine for Britain's biggest dancing show is starting to wind into action with the announcements of this year's contestants being drip fed to us over the last week.
"But the reports being fed to us by people on the ground, among them vigilant barangay residents, indicate that there were indeed BIFF fatalities who were immediately buried by their companions," Sobejana said.
One such thing is that line fed to us that we had to vote for candidates, not for coalitions.
I hope they do so because as an older voter I would like to have clarity on the subject rather than the half-truths, misinformation and some actual lies that were fed to us from both sides during the campaign.
More clues are fed to us along the way, but with both Andrew and Laura totally believable, this is a confusing, challenging and gripping mystery that will have you flipping allegiances every five minutes.
His policies only sound radical because we have become so used to the anti social mantras fed to us daily by the press and Government.
Mini sausage rolls fed to us by David Beckham: that'd be our choice for the world's best diet.
One of the most striking aspects of the television announcements at this year's CES was the complete lack of bombastic 3D pronouncements, which is in stark contrast to 2012 and 2011 when 3D was force fed to us as the be-all and end-all of television technology.
CUT now, cut quickly and cut ruthlessly - that's the message fed to us by this Tory-Liberal government.
What was the point of writing this article, other than perpetuating the lies fed to us by industries selling us consumable and disposable goods (razor blades, magazines, Sex in the City?
Psychologist Linda Blair said that just as we strive for the perfect body image, we are also struggling to achieve the perfect Christmas and conform to an ideal fed to us through the media.
But the nation had to get swept away with ideas of foil as the ultimate preservative - ideas fed to us by the greedy conglomerates.
IF FAHRENHEIT 9/11 FOCUSES ON THE FICTIONS FED TO US BY the White House, Supersize Me is a giant warning label about the menu being served at the Golden Arches.
We are left with tidbits of information fed to us in a controlled fashion by the corporate-owned media.