feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

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feed (something) to (someone or an animal)

1. Literally, to give food to someone or an animal. Don't worry, I already fed dinner to the kids. Have you fed dry food to the cat today?
2. To tell to someone something that is untrue. If you keep feeding Mom and Dad lies, they're gonna be furious when they inevitably find out the truth.
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feed something to (someone or an animal)

to give someone or an animal food. Don't feed pizza to the baby. I fed the leftover turkey to the dog.
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feed something to someone

Fig. to tell someone lies. Don't try to feed that nonsense to me! I know it isn't so. Please don't feed any of those lies to Mark.
See also: feed
References in classic literature ?
"I suppose the truth is that we're over-stocked and too well fed to swarm," said Melissa.
If I fail I'm ready to be sliced thin and fed to the seven-headed dogs."
When fed to chicken, fermented feed helps increase egg weight, shell weight, shell thickness, weight gain for meat birds, shell resistance and keeps their digestive tract functioning correctly.
Six levels (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5% of their body weight per day, BW d-1) of the experimental diet were fed to the fish three times a day in each replication for 75 days.
Friedman: I would prefer the Fed to follow a much simpler course: to take as its operating magnitude not the federal funds [interest] rate but the quantity of money.
John Stauber, the co-author of Mad Cow U.S.A, says, "The FDA and the meat industry are totally committed to continuing the practice of feeding slaughterhouse waste to cows." Feed is currently still allowed to include restaurant food scraps and cow blood products, which are routinely fed to calves as a replacement for milk, says Stauber.
* Over half of the feed produced was sold at the retail level, while 17 percent was sold wholesale; 15 percent was custom grind and mix; 9 percent was custom fed to others' animals; and 6 percent was fed to animals owned by the cooperative.
It would have been easy for infected brain tissue from sheep with scrapie to have gotten into a meat-and-bonemeal supplement that was fed to cattle.
Frequent, free-market advice from increasingly vocal corporate executives could persuade Alan Greenspan and the Fed to avoid such toxic policies.
The mix is then gravity fed to the extruder screw without segregation of virgin and flake, the company says.
As more than one Federal Reserve governor confided to me, it would be very difficult--perhaps impossible--for the Fed to have an honest discussion of monetary policy with Congress or the public because the level of ignorance (and the potential for misunderstanding) is so profound.
Roughage feeds are not only fed to yield dairy products but also for increasing other livestock demands such as intensive calf rearing and production of beef, pig meat, horse meat, on the global basis.
There's still downside risk in the outlook, and given the fact that measured inflation is still very low I think it's entirely appropriate for the Fed to be cautious in this tightening.
You also have to consider how and at what rate the scrap will be fed to the granulator and how the regrind will be removed afterward.