feature in

feature someone in something

1. to imagine someone wearing something. I can't feature you in that ridiculous dress, Can you feature Fran in that hat?
2. to imagine someone being in something or some place. I can't feature you in Paris. You are too rural to enjoy a place like Paris. Can you feature David in New York City?
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Winners' names may be required to feature in other publications.
SoftCare Notes Manager improves the native in-line notes feature in Adobe InDesign and InCopy, allowing users to filter notes by date and name and displaying all notes in a convenient list.
* Weekly e-mail newsletters to provide BSE information; special feature in February issue of Drovers; addressed animal ID system and downer cows in Dairy Herd Management
"USB will simply be a baseline feature in devices, whereas [other interfaces like] Bluetooth and WiFi will be add-ins."
An even handier related feature is AutoCorrect--a standard feature in Word also.