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The man with the feathers went up to the stone, stooped, slipped his hands under the face lying upon the ground, stiffened his Herculean muscles, and without a strain, with a slow motion, like that of a machine, he lifted the end of the rock a foot from the ground.
On his part, the man with the feathers fixed his eyes upon the disguised lieutenant, and, in spite of his metamorphosis, recognized him.
Worse still, she neglected to make the old woman's bed properly, and forgot to shake it so that the feathers might fly about.
When I want such a thing I go into the woods till I find one to my liking, and then I shoot him off the branches, without touching the feather of another, though there might be a hundred on the same tree.
Afterward they went back to the palace and slept in soft beds stuffed with feathers; for the foxes raised many fowl for food, and used their feathers for clothing and to sleep upon.
Now it was plain that the lady must be a real Princess, since she had been able to feel the three little peas through the twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds.
Iwanich thanked the bird, and placing the feather beside the scale he drove the horses home.
Iwanich put the fox's hairs with the scale and the feather, and as it was getting dark he hastened home with his horses.
Then he suddenly remembered the fish's scale, which, with the eagle's feather and the fox's hairs, he always carried about with him.
When the Prince awoke and found that both the mare and the foal had disappeared, he bethought him at once of the eagle, and taking the feather out of his pocket he blew it into the air.
You may have noticed that feathers are fabulous again with celebs ruffling more than a few on the red carpet of late.
Common chicken breeds with feathers on their legs include Cochin, Brahma, Sultan, and American Silkies.
Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of a crow-sized, bird-like dinosaur with colourful feathers from north-eastern China that lived 161 million years ago during the Jurassic Period.
Straight-up" bonnets were in use within the Plains Cree geographical range, similar to those of the Blackfeet in construction--the feathers are fixed to a headband in an upright position when being worn, a style of headdress which appears to have had a wide distribution, with numerous variations, through the whole of eastern North America (photos 1 and 2).
R Ranjith, a medical technician at the hospital, said despite all of the advances in technology that are utilised, a broken wing is still repaired with simple tools, including a splint and spare feathers.