feather your nest

feather (one's) (own) nest

1. To furnish and beautify one's residence. Now that the apartment is officially mine, I can't wait to feather my nest!
2. To enrich oneself by using one's influence or position or with other people's money. I'm sure he feathered his own nest with the money he allegedly raised for charity.
See also: feather, nest

feather your nest

If someone feathers their nest, they take advantage of their job or position in order to get a lot of money, so that they can lead a comfortable life. People seem to feel that politicians only care about helping out their rich friends and feathering their own nests. Note: This expression is used to show disapproval. Note: Some birds line their nests with soft feathers which they take from their own breasts or gather from the ground.
See also: feather, nest

feather your (own) nest

make money, usually illicitly and at someone else's expense.
This phrase refers to the way in which some birds use feathers (their own or another bird's) to line the interior of their nest.
1998 Spectator It won't solve a damned thing except feather the nests of a lot of dodgy pen-pushers and party hacks.
See also: feather, nest

feather your (own) ˈnest

make yourself richer, especially by spending money on yourself that should be spent on something else: He’s been feathering his own nest at the expense of the people he was supposed to be helping.
See also: feather, nest
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