feast (one's) eyes

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feast (one's) eyes

To gaze (upon something) with joy or pleasure. Usually used as an imperative. Feast your eyes! Dinner has been served! I got my report card today—feast your eyes on all those A's!
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feast one's eyes (on or upon someone or something)

Fig. to enjoy the sight of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Just feast your eyes on that beautiful beach. Jane feasted her eyes on Roger for a while and then went on with her studying.
See also: eye, feast
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feast your ˈeyes (on somebody/something)

look at somebody/something and get great pleasure: Wow! Come and feast your eyes on this birthday cake!
See also: eye, feast
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References in classic literature ?
They stood a long time on the hilltop, feasting their eyes on the splendor of the Emerald City.
Reports announced earlier this week that the Middle East would be feasting their eyes and delighting their ears with the familiar sounds of the fabulous five: A.
Skygazers from around the world, including Bulgaria, were treated Monday night to the rare opportunity of feasting their eyes on Jupiter, Venus and Moon arranged in a captivating triangular formation.
Drer to Spencer: Highlights on Paper from University College London, has opened at the University of Birmingham-based art gallery, and as well as feasting their eyes on a diverse and fascinating collection of watercolours, drawings and prints by the likes of Rubens, Van Dyck, Turner, Constable, Sargent, Whistler, Gwen and Augustus John and Richard Hamilton, visitors also enjoyed a reception and buffet.
"And despite the mouth-watering dinner most of the guys spent the night feasting their eyes on her.
Flower fans will soon be feasting their eyes on fabulous displays at Holy Trinity Church in Hepworth.
"Eat your heart out," Post cover artists are saying to dieters feasting their eyes on tasty tidbits their diets forbid them to taste.
Ron said: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," a source tells the New York Post - and the girls obliged by flashing their breasts at him in a toilet cubicle before feasting their eyes on Ron's mammoth member.
When the potty-mouthed popstrel popped into California's Malibu Mutt restaurant on Monday, her plunging top had fellow diners feasting their eyes on her ample cleavage - as the 19-year-old tucked into a grease-laden lunch.