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As discussed above both on the basis of the theory of the niche's gratification opportunities (Dimmick, Feaster, & Hoplamazian, 2011) and on the basis of context-based research (Frith, 2015; Struckmann & Karnowski, 2016), gratifications sought and obtained depend on the situational context of media use.
As part of the screening process for family member eligibility for the companion family process study, research associates assessed the membership of the women's family networks using a Family Identification Form (FIF; Ow, Mitrani, Feaster, Burns, & Ross, 2007, see Appendix).
Feaster and several other students also are involved with national groups such as Habitat for Humanity and the March of Dimes.
I had never known Sekou's birth name but I reasoned Bobby Feaster paid the bills that his alias Sekou had amassed.
Sellion president and chief executive officer Bill Feaster refers to his clients as "emerging manufacturers" that brim with innovative product ideas but face challenges introducing their products to mass retail stores.
"We're seeing a dramatic increase in awareness by consumers about natural products," says Bill Feaster, a principal in the North Kingstown, R.I.-based brand development company Sellion Inc., which is working with Heel USA, the American arm of one of the world's largest homeopathic and homotoxicology firms, to explore how to bring its products to the mass market.
AT SIX O'CLOCK ON AN EARLY WINTER'S NIGHT, THE 25 MEMBER team at James Madison University (Va.) plow through Second-year head coach Chris Feaster patrols the pool times and shouting instructions loud enough to be heard underwater.
Feaster Elementary School in Chula Vista, California, just south of San Diego, decided to partner with members of the community and convert the school into a charter school.
Another study examined family treatment engagement among HIV-positive African American mothers with low incomes and found that mothers who had family members who were engaged in the treatment attended more treatment sessions (Mitrani, Prado, Feaster, Robinson-Batista, & Szapocznik, 2003).
Produced, directed, written, edited by David Feaster. Camera (color, DV), Fenster; sound, Cy Kuckenbaker; supervising sound editor, Fenster; assistant director, Maneesh Sharma; casting, Elena Vitale.
Walker Feaster III, the head of the Federal Communications Commission Office of the Inspector General (FCC OIG), announced in November 2004 that his office would audit 250 high-cost carriers, 250 educational-rate (E-rate) recipients, 105 low-income and 105 rural health care recipients in fiscal year 2005.
In cotton, the semigametic phenomena was first reported by Turcotte and Feaster (1963), who developed the Pima line 57-4 that produced haploid seeds at a high frequency.
Felicia Feaster, an art critic for the Atlanta-based alternative weekly Creative Loafing, says the city's growing number of contemporary galleries in Castleberry Hill and other areas is making local artists think twice before relocating to bigger cities like New York.
Nearby Texas and Louisiana mussel surveys were conducted by Neck (1986), Feaster (1997), Howells (2000) and Vidrine (2001).