feast (one's) eyes

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feast (one's) eyes

To gaze (upon something) with joy or pleasure. Usually used as an imperative. Feast your eyes! Dinner has been served! I got my report card today—feast your eyes on all those A's!
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feast one's eyes (on or upon someone or something)

Fig. to enjoy the sight of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Just feast your eyes on that beautiful beach. Jane feasted her eyes on Roger for a while and then went on with her studying.
See also: eye, feast
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feast your ˈeyes (on somebody/something)

look at somebody/something and get great pleasure: Wow! Come and feast your eyes on this birthday cake!
See also: eye, feast
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References in classic literature ?
Then, when they had feasted their eyes upon him sufficiently, they washed their hands and began to cook him for dinner.
Turn and turn about we held the top of the runway while the others feasted their eyes upon the sight of our valiant countrymen battling far beneath us.
Members of the OhBear day trip to Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan feasted their eyes on verdant scenes as they sauntered on a farm, in a botanical garden, and around a lake on the last Wednesday of December in 2017.
THE biggest prize in English club rugby union came to North Warwickshire as youngsters at Michael Drayton School feasted their eyes on the Guinness Premiership trophy.
SWEET-TOOTHED Geordies have feasted their eyes on the world's biggest box of chocolates.
GUESTS arriving for an awards ceremony at Jaguar's plant in Allesley feasted their eyes on a piece of artwork that was good enough to eat.