feast (one's) eyes

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feast (one's) eyes

To gaze (upon something) with joy or pleasure. Usually used as an imperative. Feast your eyes! Dinner has been served! I got my report card today—feast your eyes on all those A's!
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feast one's eyes (on or upon someone or something)

Fig. to enjoy the sight of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Just feast your eyes on that beautiful beach. Jane feasted her eyes on Roger for a while and then went on with her studying.
See also: eye, feast
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feast your ˈeyes (on somebody/something)

look at somebody/something and get great pleasure: Wow! Come and feast your eyes on this birthday cake!
See also: eye, feast
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Visitors to Wolverhampton can feast their eyes upon a semi-detached townhouse garden, packed with perennials, trees, acers and shrubs.
The tourism police would facilitate and provide security to the tourists who had great opportunity to visit GB and feast their eyes on the scenic beauty amid peaceful environment there, he said.
"Imagine how much more appealing a family holiday would if men have the best breasts in the world to feast their eyes on!" said the sexist drivel.
Netizens can't help but feast their eyes on Medina's beach photos on the photo-sharing app.
But we're not complaining, because who wouldn't want to feast their eyes on this yummy crummy frummy couple?
Customers can feast their eyes and sense of smell to a wide array of colourful, attractive and delicious scents of their favourite brands."
The verses are simple but amusing and will readily appeal to the young children, who will feast their eyes upon the pages.
Seven years later, as the superstar gears up to reunite with Farah in Happy New Year this Diwali, he has two bonus packs of beef for his fans to feast their eyes on.
The cruise ship arrived at around 11am yesterday, giving crowds heading to the waterfront for the Giant Spectacular another stunning sight to feast their eyes on.
The assembled spectres will all feast their eyes On sandwiches, crisps, pop and pork pies, Each of which forms a dubious treat, As they admire food they know they can't eat.
Scores of people braved the cold weather and streamed into Saltwell Park to feast their eyes on the display.
Now the council has relented and shoppers can feast their eyes on Yaice.
Alternatively, they could also feast their eyes on bathers, who abound there from the four corners of the world where they can swim freely and drop many things including their problems and "often their clothes," Noureddin commented.
HUNDREDS of fans turned up to feast their eyes on David Beckham in his pants yesterday.
To add to the excitement all those under-18 will get in free throughout the race weekend to enjoy an array of games and activities as well as feast their eyes on some nail-biting action on the track.