feast eyes on

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feast (one's) eyes on (someone or something)

To gaze upon someone or something with joy, pleasure, or admiration. Often used as an imperative. Feast your eyes on this spread! Let's dig in! I got my report card today—feast your eyes on all those A's! You were too busy feasting your eyes on your buxom neighbor to realize you were watering the driveway.
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feast (one's) eyes on

To be delighted or gratified by the sight of: We feasted our eyes on the paintings.
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feast one's eyes on, to

To enjoy the sight of something or someone. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 47, “With my love’s picture then my eye doth feast,” is one of the early sources of this metaphor. It may have been a cliché by the time George Meredith used it in The Adventures of Harry Richmond (1871): “The princess . . . let her eyes feast incessantly on a laughing sea.”
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