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fawn (all) over (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning all over her.
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fawn (up)on (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning upon her.
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fawn (all) over someone

Fig. to flatter someone or attend to someone excessively; to curry favor with someone. Please stop fawning all over the guests. You are embarrassing me. She always fawns over us when we visit.
See also: fawn, over

fawn (up)on someone

Fig. to praise and flatter someone. Aunt Mabel fawned on the new baby till the poor child was rescued by her mother. I hate the way our aunts fawn on us at family gatherings.
See also: fawn, on
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Predation is highest during the first week after birth, when fawns are largely sedentary and most vulnerable.
Fawn production represent fawns observed postweaning.
She said: "I'm single and have no kids - just the fawns. When it comes to relationships, you feel you need to declare it because it's such a time commitment.
But for Fiesta fans who saw the venue close in 1976 the end of great nights out packed with cabaret, celebrities and the fabulous Fiesta Fawns -it was the end of an era.
This method applies to dead fawns as well, because the feet and hooves of carcasses tend to remain intact for several months, and even up to a year in semi-arid regions.
Fawns were anesthetized by intramuscular injection of tiletamine HCL and zolazepam HCL (4.4 mg/kg body weight; Fort Dodge Animal Health, Fort Dodge, IA) and xylaxine (2.2 mg/kg; Butler, Columbus, OH) and were reversed with intravenous injection of yohimbine (0.125 mg/kg; Lloyd Laboratories, Inc., Shenandoah, IA).
Growth rate study.--After the preference trial, deer fawns were randomly assigned, blocking on sex, to one of the two diets.
When Snowball was a fawn, she had to stay alert and run fast to avoid hungry coyotes and other predators.
At both sites, systematic searches for newborn fawns were conducted during spring (15 April-30 June; Delorme et al.
"Do you suppose that maybe this area has early fawning dates because previous hurricanes and tropical storms resulted primarily in survival of those very-early-born fawns?"
(2013) took advantage of extensive navigable roads to locate and capture fawns using a thermal-imaging camera (see Ditchkoff et al.
Pay attention to the number of fawns per doe that make it into the fall hunting season.
In addition, Bald Eagles have killed young ungulates during summer, including fawns of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus; Duquette and others 2011), lambs of domestic sheep (Smith 1936; McEneaney and Jenkins 1983), and likely Woodland Caribou calves (Rangifer tarandus caribou; Environment Canada 2011).
Our goal was to quantify variation in habitat types associated with capture locations of newborn fawns compared to the surrounding area.