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fawn (all) over someone

Fig. to flatter someone or attend to someone excessively; to curry favor with someone. Please stop fawning all over the guests. You are embarrassing me. She always fawns over us when we visit.
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fawn (up)on someone

Fig. to praise and flatter someone. Aunt Mabel fawned on the new baby till the poor child was rescued by her mother. I hate the way our aunts fawn on us at family gatherings.
See also: fawn, on
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equality, democracy, universality); some perceptive points are made, and certain insights are commended; but the overall position is rebuked for ultimately failing to provide a coherent account of praxis--although radical intentions are fawningly applauded.
Mathias is a panderer and falls fawningly at his master's feet in blind obedience.
Even Barak Obama has been duped, fawningly and oh-so naively telling a recent American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference that Jerusalem had to be the "undivided capital" of Israel.
Yet yesterday he fawningly claimed there was no crisis in Zimbabwe and appealed for patience.
The Yale Law Journal fawningly reviewed the book not once, but three times.
Fawningly, the "60 Minutes" interviewer gushed that Weis is "a great teacher and motivator.
28) In Gulag, though, her rhetoric leans far enough to the fight that conservative reviewers have written fawningly about the book, sometimes launching outrageous attacks against less enthusiastic critics.
The colonists resented their subordinate position while unabashedly helping themselves to its fruits; the officials considered them a stiff-necked lot, fawningly ingratiating in their patron's rare presence, lazy, contentious, and grasping when he was gone.
The Daily Telegraph spoke fawningly of ``the art of the judicious pause.
First, the Daily News provides a fawningly written front-page editorial about the consultant who brought about the court- mandated halt to construction of the Orange Line busway.