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fawn (all) over (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning all over her.
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fawn (up)on (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning upon her.
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fawn (all) over someone

Fig. to flatter someone or attend to someone excessively; to curry favor with someone. Please stop fawning all over the guests. You are embarrassing me. She always fawns over us when we visit.
See also: fawn, over

fawn (up)on someone

Fig. to praise and flatter someone. Aunt Mabel fawned on the new baby till the poor child was rescued by her mother. I hate the way our aunts fawn on us at family gatherings.
See also: fawn, on
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Although cropland also provides fawn cover, it may be inadequate relative to other cover types such as grasslands, likely because of differences in vegetation height, which may be important early in a fawn's life (Grovenburg and others 2010).
3D computed tomography of stillborn, conjoined white-tailed deer fawns (Odocoileus virginianus) collected in Houston County, Minnesota, during May 2016.
I took this photo when some fawns visited my backyard.
Fawn and Bunny maneuver Snowboy as he is finding a spot where he can spend the night, ahead of when Bunny returns to her home and family, and Fawn hurries to reach the stable before her parents become aware that she has gone outside the safety of the village for a while.
Birth date depends on growth of the cervid fawn (Clutton-Brock et al.
Our objective was to determine if recruitment calculated from camera surveys was consistent with radiotag-based fawn survival estimates collected concurrently at the same site.
Greenmaster3ho is a medium-maturing variety whose earing period is around May 14, which is late by three days compared to Fawn, its contrast variety.The leaf length during the earing season was about 76 cm.
He contacted the National Parks Authority of the Civil Administration and transferred the startled fawn to them.
Previous fawn studies primarily used opportunistic capture techniques to assess fawn survival (White et al., 1972; Ballard et al., 1998; Pojar and Bowden 2004).
"Fawn recruitment" is a term often used to describe the number of fawns per 100 does that survive to at least six months of age.
"I did graphic design at Teesside University and I have been running Fawn for about four years.
Coyotes get blamed for many sins, especially killing too many fawns, pheasants, quail, rabbits and grouse -- game we hunters resentfully compete for.
Because fawn observations were often not possible until early fall (because of fawn hiding behavior) early fawn losses were not detected, and the fawn production reported here must be considered a conservative estimate of fecundity.
Having caused an almighty kerfuffle with a baby hawk and incurred the wrath of fiery scout fairy Nyx (Rosario Dawson) and her second-in-command Fury (Melanie Brown), Fawn reluctantly agrees to follow her head rather than her heart in the future.
Mahi Khanam, Fawn Lamb and Sonya Hussain received funding from Reviving the Heart of the West End (RHWE).