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fawn (up)on (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning upon her.
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fawn (all) over (one)

To flatter and fuss over one. Any time that famous singer comes here, people can't help themselves— they just start fawning all over her.
See also: fawn, over

fawn (all) over someone

Fig. to flatter someone or attend to someone excessively; to curry favor with someone. Please stop fawning all over the guests. You are embarrassing me. She always fawns over us when we visit.
See also: fawn, over

fawn (up)on someone

Fig. to praise and flatter someone. Aunt Mabel fawned on the new baby till the poor child was rescued by her mother. I hate the way our aunts fawn on us at family gatherings.
See also: fawn, on
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And we read with racing hearts as Snowboy just about falls away to melting water dripping from the thawing tree where he has spent the night, more over, we hold our breath as Fawn encounters a hungry wolf, "Good Morning Lunch," he mutters.
The aims of this study, conducted in a free-ranging fallow deer population, were 1) to analyze changes over time of foetal body mass and other metrics of foetal growth relationships; 2) to describe maternal effects on foetal growth, such as relationships of foetal body mass relationships to maternal body mass, kidney-fat-index and age; 3) to determine if birth mass and sex ratio depend on fawn sex and birth date, and 4) to assess sex-dependent changes of body mass and the kidney-fat-index in 4-12-month old fallow deer fawns.
In this study, we introduced and release Greenmaster3ho tall fescue cultivar that is better compared to Fawn as commercial cultivar.
67), so our age class analysis focused on separate analyses distinguishing fawn from yearling and fawn from adult.
In 2007, when deer dropped many VITs prior to parturition (13 of 22), we visually located the telemetered female and observed her for 10-120 min using a spotting scope or binoculars to determine fawn presence from cues by the female (i.
The bottom line is, if you really care about the fawn and its well-being, please leave the animal alone.
No doubt these conditions will reduce fawn recruitment in some areas.
The fawn carcasses initially appeared unharmed (Fig.
A little research shows that a recent study done in my home state of Wisconsin cites black bears as the number-one cause of mortality in fawns in our northern forest region, and it is well known in the state that the reintroduction of elk near Clam Lake has been slow due to black bear predation on calves.
Fawn is understood to be improving since she received treatment last Friday although she remains at least 10kg underweight.
Jason Jahangiry opened Fawn above Dandy Boy barbershop on Baker Street at the weekend, offering vintage clothing as well as its own label.
Those figures are atypical and not necessarily indicative of Worcester County fawn mortality.
Females were manually restrained and aged at capture as fawn (< 12 months), yearling (13-24 months), 2 years (25-36 months), or adult (> 36 months) based on tooth wear and replacement observed on live deer (Severinghaus 1949).
Animal fairy Fawn (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) has a big heart and often takes pity on wounded creatures that could, when fully grown, pose a threat to the other residents of Pixie Hollow including Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman), Silvermist (Lucy Liu), Iridessa (Raven-Symone), Vidia (Pamela Adlon) and Rosetta (Megan Hilty).
Mahi Khanam, Fawn Lamb and Sonya Hussain received funding from Reviving the Heart of the West End (RHWE).