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Elizabeth, particularly, who knew that her mother owed to the latter the preservation of her favourite daughter from irremediable infamy, was hurt and distressed to a most painful degree by a distinction so ill applied.
Lady Jane was the old Earl's favourite daughter, and tended him and loved him sincerely: as for Lady Emily, the authoress of the "Washerwoman of Finchley Common," her denunciations of future punishment (at this period, for her opinions modified afterwards) were so awful that they used to frighten the timid old gentleman her father, and the physicians declared his fits always occurred after one of her Ladyship's sermons.
Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Osgood are frantic at the disappearance of their favourite daughter, and the hunt is on.
The snub comes two years after Obama (pictured) tossed aside the long-standing 'special relationship' between the US and Britain after saying choosing a "best ally" between France and the UK would be like choosing his favourite daughter.
Wotan primes his favourite daughter, the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, to take Siegmund's side; his wife, Fricka, insists he uphold the law rather than supporting adultery and incest; he countermands his instructions, but Brunnhilde, in a duet with Siegmund, is unable to obey and attempts vainly to save Siegmund's life.
As the tug of war over Tolstoy's legacy becomes heated, involving his favourite daughter Sasha and physician Dushan Makovitsky, Valentin experiences pangs of love with Tolstoy acolyte, Masha.
While the momager, who has been particularly quiet since Caitlyn became a woman, may not be able to fit Brody into her schedule, her favourite daughter Kim Kardashian is still in contact with the star, along with her famous sisters Khloe and Kourtney.
Our sources tell us that the face of Lancome and Kenya's favourite daughter has fallen in love with Lancome's Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector.
He wakes the next morning and remembering his promise of a rose for his favourite daughter, he picks one and the fury of the beast rains down on him.
On a chilly April morning, WLTV is on location in Merseyside PAL: to watch the filming of ITV's eagerly awaited mini-series about the city's favourite daughter.
She's annoyed at how Ian favours Lucy over Peter and can't wait to inform Ian that his favourite daughter is actually far from perfect.
SO BARACK Obama has once again tossed aside the "special relationship" between our two great nations saying that choosing a "best ally" between France and the UK would be like choosing his favourite daughter.
The royal urn containing the King-Father's remains will be kept in the Kantha Bopha stupa," the official said, referring to Sihanouk's favourite daughter who died aged three and whose remains are also at the palace.
THE renewed succession row in the DMK has cast a shadow on the birthday celebrations of the party's most prominent woman face and the patriarch's favourite daughter, Kanimozhi, who turned 45 on Saturday.