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in a (kind of) light

Depicted or shown in a particular way, or from a particular perspective (i.e., good, positive, favorable, bad, negative, etc.). He was angry because the film didn't portray him in a favorable light. I'm flattered that he based a character in his novel on me, but I think I was shown in a bad light. A candidate's policies are important, but during an election, it matters more for voters to see them in a good light.
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in a ˌgood, ˌbad, ˌfavourable, etc. ˈlight

if you see something or put something in a good, bad, etc. light, it seems good, bad, etc: You must not view what happened in a negative light.They want to present their policies in the best possible light.
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The most favourable major economies ranked from 1 to 7, with 1 being the most favourable.
According to the survey, the UK's competitive tax regime and the UK's tax authority was favourable for its transparency and ease of compliance, while the Dutch tax authorities were commended for their responsiveness, ease of communication, accessibility of information and clear and simple procedures which respondents considered favourable to entrepreneurs and economic growth.
HSBC North America (LSE: HSBA) has said that favourable trends seen in the third quarter have extended into the fourth.
HSBC North America chief executive, Brendan McDonagh, while acknowledging favourable trends, also warned that the recovery in consumer spending was at the very early stages.
An exploration program is underway and so far the "results are favourable," he says.
The property, located 30 kilometres northeast of Marathon, has confirmed some favourable high-grade nickel and copper presence, according to a company report.
Almost nine in 10 rated both Britain and Canada as "very favourable" or "mostly favourable".
Regional state aid is permitted by the Treaty under Article 87.3a (most favourable regime for least-developed regions) and Article 87.3c (less favourable regime for other regions).
Only 6 per cent of the public had a "very favourable" opinion, while 32 per cent had a "fairly favourable" view.
Sir Michael Stoute's domination of the Vodafone Nassau Stakes continued at Goodwood on Saturday when Favourable Terms prevailed in a three-way photo to determine the Group One contest.
Just one per cent thought of Virgin Trains in a "very favourable" light while 75 per cent had a mainly unfavourable, or not at all favourable, view of Mr Branson's company
Therefore, your employer may be in breach of the Fixed-Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002.