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in a (kind of) light

In a particular manner or from a particular perspective (i.e., good, positive, favorable, bad, negative, etc.). He was angry because the film didn't portray him in a favorable light. I'm flattered that he based a character in his novel on me, but I think I was shown in a bad light. A candidate's policy is important, but during an election, it matters more for them to be seen by voters in a good light.
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in a ˌgood, ˌbad, ˌfavourable, etc. ˈlight

if you see something or put something in a good, bad, etc. light, it seems good, bad, etc: You must not view what happened in a negative light.They want to present their policies in the best possible light.
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The new entrants, combined with the increased capacity of established companies from strong earnings, may prove to be the disruptive longer-term force to the current favourable pricing environment.
The Favorable Lake property consists of 268 claims covering 4,288 hectares in an area of previously identified silver, base metal and molybdenum prospects in the highly prospective Archean Favourable Lake - Setting Net Lake Greenstone belt.
Golouma South - One drill hole, SAB06-03, was completed to test a second area from which favourable excavator trench results were encountered within the extensive Golouma geochemical anomaly.
RV-13 was drilled about 230m (750ft) east of the western structure and penetrated a higher, less favourable horizon.
This evolved partly as a consequence of the extensive investments made in earlier years now coming to fruition, and partly because of favourable macro-economic conditions in most of the major markets in which we operate.
In hole 18 (section 4+50N), the favourable contact zone is host to a pegmatite intrusion of approximately 20 m thick.
This drilling, combined with some shallow RC drilling, will also permit further testing of the newly identified, sediment hosted zones and where they cross into the more favourable volcanic stratigraphy.
Recognizing this, Miramar embarked on a program to identify favourable geology for other greenstone gold deposit types, such as Timiskaming Unconformity-style deposits (e.
The assignment of such a favourable rating to Botswana is a sign of confidence in the country's financial standing and record of economic management, and will contribute significantly to the country's efforts to attract foreign direct investment, which should assist in redressing the unemployment problem.
These volcanic units are relatively horizontal, overlying the favourable Watson Group volcanics in the nose of the Galinee Anticline.
The increase was achieved by strengthened marketing efforts in promoting value-added products, resulting in a favourable product mix.
By the Spring of 1996, 25,476 line kilometers, over areas favourable for diamonds, were flown by Dia Met using helicopter supported airborne geophysics.
The increase in ore reserves is based principally upon the favourable drilling results from the Lower Levels of the Main Vein; in particular the new easterly extension of this zone at depth; the B Zone gap and C2 Zone in the Upper Levels of the Main Vein and the very favourable drilling and drifting in ore results from the Upper Levels of the Betzy Vein, which was first identified during the fourth quarter of 1995.
A) Tan Range is pleased to announce that very favourable drilling results have been received from its Itetemia Project in Tanzania.
Recent surface exploration of Queenstake's properties in the vicinity of the Pierina project has produced favourable results.