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The Police Federation said a ballot of its 133,000 members showed 45,651 in favour and 10,681 against, but turnout was just 42% and too low to be valid.
But there was a bigger majority in favour of such a new power in North Wales, with 51% in favour and 26% against.
The majority of Plaid Cymru supporters questioned were in favour of a full parliament and 27% wanted full independence.
The Globe was strongly in favour, having argued in a December 22, 2004 editorial that, "Muslims can be trusted with the same rights and duties that others have.
While the return of 6,000 postcards in favour of a smoking ban holds much promise for a smoke-free north, municipalities need to given ample time to prepare for smoking bans through public meetings, says Fort Frances.
Overall, 92 per cent in favour of general approach.
Most of the candidates who have withdrawn their nomination forms were participating in elections as independent candidates and they also addressed press conference to express their support to the candidate, in favour of him they withdrew their papers.
Washington, July 19 ( ANI ): A majority of Americans believe that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's policies favour the rich.
Father Alphonse de Valk, editor of the national magazine, states in his forthcoming July editorial that bishops cannot remain silent about Catholic politicians who publicly favour replacing marriage between man and woman for a union between any two persons.
He postulates that if he did a really big favour for someone, and asked the person who received the favour not to "pay it back" but "pay it forward" by doing a big favour for three other people, eventually the world would be changed.
To vote "in favour of a law so harmful to the common good is gravely immoral.