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play favourites

To give preferable treatment to someone or something one likes or favours more than others. Primarily heard in UK. The teacher is always playing favourites in class, letting the students she likes go home a little bit earlier than the rest. As an MP, I promise not to play favourites with our public services.
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favorite son

A well-known person, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in his hometown. Ray was the favorite son of his hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho.
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favorite daughter

A well-known person, especially a politician, who is supported and celebrated by people in her hometown. Rose was clearly the favorite daughter of her hometown of Bozeman, Montana.
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odds-on favorite

the most popular choice of a wager. Fred is the odds-on favorite for president of the board of trustees.
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favorite son

A person valued by his or her hometown or organization for his or her achievements, usually political, as in Mary hoped they would treat her as a favorite son and nominate her for state senator. This term was originally employed for a candidate nominated for office by his own locality. Today this usage may ignore gender, as in the example. [c. 1780]
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play favourites

show favouritism towards someone or something. chiefly North American
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Favorite sitting Supreme Court justice: I really do not have one, but of those on the bench I would say Justice Clarence Thomas, who is also a friend.
Favorite African American Native Sons/Daughters: Beyonce, George Foreman, Debbie Allen.
He likes drawing, his favorite color is blue and he likes Bugs Bunny.
Favorite president: It might be a coin toss between Washington and Jefferson.
Hammer is particularly interesting when he discusses Essex's efforts to "reinvent himself" (317) by recasting his role from that of the young romantic court favorite to that of the sober mature soldier, councillor, and politician.
Lucas told his daughter she'd have to split her gift bag with her two siblings before chatting with Billie Joe Armstrong of Favorite Group Green Day.
In 1977, for example, Carol Burnett triumphed over Donny & Marie and The Captain & Tennille for Favorite TV Variety Show.
Davids favorite author is Jeff Kinney, who wrote "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," and his favorite movie is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
The spotlight also fell on Parokya ni Edgar during awards night, with the band bagging the Favorite Group award and the MYX Magna Award, which honors their exemplary contribution to the industry.
Favorite Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
Favorite Cash songs: `` 'Big River' is probably my favorite song.
Unique Online Awards Asks Consumers to Pick Their Favorite Skivvies
Her favorite grade school memory is taking care of the garden in third grade, her favorite junior high memory is being on the homecoming court, and her favorite high school memory is prom.
My favorite beach is in my family's property in Olango Island.
Perry also claimed trophies for Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Song of the Year (E.