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Although it may be too soon to draw any definitive conclusions, recent developments favoring plaintiffs in the underlying welding fume litigation could result in further pro-plaintiff decisions and settlements.
Apart from these mechanisms, however, we can still observe systematic correlations in the favoring of different groups of recipients.
As in Zbinden, the Board here "does not believe that the disruptions cited by Respondent[s], which are a normal consequence of such proceedings, are sufficient to overcome the statutory presumption favoring public hearings." Id.
Sentiment is even stronger that such committees should be truly independent of management: 81.2% of respondents are in favor of the exclusion of officers and "inside" directors, while 67.3% go further by favoring the exclusion of directors who sit on any other board on which an officer or director of the subject company sits.
The House went on record as favoring the system, sort of.
When the leanings of those without an opinion are taken into account, 51% of Americans favor or lean toward favoring a bill, while 41% oppose it or lean toward opposition -- a more sizeable gap in favor than three weeks ago.