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9) and with the number of exceptions that parents favored (0.
Some of the restrictions on civil rights favored by those surveyed included requiring Muslims to register with the federal government, allowing federal agents to "closely monitor" mosques and permitting undercover agents to infiltrate Muslim civil and volunteer organizations, the Religion News Service reported in late December.
Wayne Lukas' Azeri is favored in the Distaff - although she instead might run against males in the Classic - and Bobby Frankel's Nothing to Lose is favored in the Mile.
As for remedying that problem, 90 percent of those polled (93 percent of the public-school parents and 86 percent of the nonpublic-school parents) favored action "to improve the quality of the public schools in the poorer states and in the poorer communities.
3% of respondents favored more-detailed disclosure of such plans, and none disfavored additional disclosure.
Americans were split on which segment of society is favored by President Obama's policies with almost twenty-one percent saying that his policies favoured the rich, while 22 percent said that they favored the middle class.
Maurice Greene (Chatsworth), who won two gold medals in 2000, is favored in the men's 100 meters and could win another medal in the 400 relay.
While more than 21% of all the taxpayers surveyed could not decide whether they favored a new tax system, only 3% of those who received the guide summary said they were undecided.
According to the poll, the Bush proposal based on the use of tax incentives and credits is most favored (31 percent).
Steinberg found that the majority of registered Democrats favored secession.
The poll, conducted last summer, found that 70 percent of respondents favored government improvement of public schools, while 28 percent backed vouchers.
Only 34 percent favored "a system in which everyone would be enrolled in a single government-run health care program.
The first survey, commissioned by the Renewable Resources Coalition (RRC) and conducted by Hellenthal & Associates, asked 400 registered voters in the Bristol Bay Region whether they favored or opposed the proposed open pit gold and copper mine being proposed for the area.
In his motion to have Judge Joseph DeVanon dismissed from the case, defense attorney Charles Mathews argued that the judge repeatedly made biased rulings that favored the prosecution.