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The students from Lancaster, Bolton and Stow favored Obama over Romney.
Berlin voters favored Obama over Romney, 917-830, and Brown over Warren, 1,025-775.
Among Pushto speaking community, 25% PTI, 10% PML-N while 3% favored PPP.
Among those who said they were currently unemployed, just 10 percent said they believed the government would be better at generating economic activity, while 65 percent favored the private sector.
When presented with a list of possible circumstances in which parental notification requirements might be waived, 86% of respondents favored at least one.
The odds declined with the number of negative consequences anticipated (0.9) and with the number of exceptions that parents favored (0.7).
Sixty-seven percent of "highly religious" respondents favored restricting Muslims' civil rights.
No doubt about it--a large ball has been favored by handgunners for defense and hunting for many centuries.
Fifty-six percent favored discussion, 39 percent did not, 4 percent were unsure.
Unfortunately, by the early 1990s liberalism had become entirely identified with support for affirmative action, defined not as outreach but as the promotion of less-qualified members of favored groups over more qualified white men.
By June 3, the Clinton administration will have formally asked Congress to make China's "most favored nation" trading status permanent, or at least extend it for another year.
Female offspring that favored alcohol had a unique chromosome 11 region more often than other mice, a trait they inherited from fathers that drank large amounts of alcohol, Silver's team says.
The political scientists' numbers teach us that the spending-limit proposals favored by Common Cause and congressional Democrats are based on a false premise.