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In 2017, Favor more than doubled its footprint across the state and became the first US on-demand delivery company to achieve profitability at scale.
Despite the major change that a mandatory 30-day waiting period would entail, a majority of gun owners (57%), as well as the vast majority of non-gun owners (84%), favor the proposal.
Mahmoud Hojjati -- Rouhani's nominee for the agricultural jihad minister -- won the parliamentary confidence vote with 177 MPs voting in favor, 81 against, and 26 abstentions.
Only 48 percent in that demographic say they would favor the individual who sued, while 61 percent earning between $50,000 and $100,000 would be biased in favor of the individual who sued.
Favor Hamilton calls Madison, Wisconsin home, is married to a lawyer, and the two share a seven-year-old daughter.
The fifth article of the bill amending Article 51 of the Constitution on membership to labor unions received 335 votes in favor against 70.
La expresion de favor es una frase adjetival que se aplica a las cosas que a veces se obtienen gratuitamente, como boletos para un espectaculo, pases para un acto especial: Consegui dos boletos de favor para el concierto.
in favor of 1 : wanting or approving of <All in favor of going say aye.
El siempre trata de obtener el favor de las autoridades.
The only powerful political force in favor of free trade is "big business" which insists on operating behind the scenes.
affirmed a $1 million jury verdict in favor of a welder who contended that he had contracted Parkinson's disease as the result of his employment-related exposure to welding flames over a number of years.
One-third of parents would favor exceptions for 16-17-year-olds and for teenagers who had discussed their contraceptive decision with some adult.
The poll also showed that people describing themselves as very religious were more likely to favor civil rights restrictions than those who described themselves as nonreligious.
Gonz has abandoned the City by the Bay in favor of New York, which he abandoned in favor of South Gate Los, which he abandoned in favor of Italy.