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faux queen

A performance artist whose sex is biologically female but who performs in the exaggerated style and dress of a male drag queen. Also known as a bio queen. To be honest, the faux queen's performance was so good that I couldn't tell her apart from the drag queens.
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faux pas

An embarrassing blunder or breach of proper etiquette, often made in front of other people. Daria didn't realize she had made such a faux pas when she went to use her salad fork to eat the main course.
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(make/commit) a ˌfaux ˈpas

(from French) an action or a remark that causes embarrassment because it is not socially correct: I immediately made a faux pas when I forgot to take my shoes off before I went into the house.They were kind enough to overlook my faux pas and continued as if nothing had happened.
The meaning of the French expression is ‘wrong step’.
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com are already underway and new user awareness guides from experts are already being added on the benefits of working with a color consultant, creative ideas for faux finishes, and simple steps to prepare your home or business for interior painting professionals.
Jia McClain, Faux Fro's founder, had the idea for the business nearly two years ago but delayed starting it because of the initial costs.
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Her faux writing is one kind of language game, conveying a certain fatalistic attitude to life; the installation that included it was another kind of language game, simultaneously hopeless and hopeful.
The french doors separating the elevator lobby from the remaining public ground floor areas were provided as a sound and weather buffer with the substrate and finish exactly matching the adjacent faux on plaster surfaces.
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