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The three faulting models proposed at propagating rifts involve items found in nearly every household: decks of cards and a bookshelf.
Coupled with enhanced sonar imaging from the late 1970s and early 1980s that gave sharper pictures of a wide range of propagating rifts, they were able to associate bookshelf faulting with such faults.
Being extensional regime there is normal faulting which at depth, as observed in this work, converts into listric faults striking towards northwest-southwest.
The presence of smaller, second-order faults indicates a spatial changeability of stress fields and therefore a complexity of faulting in the area of the USCB.
Traditionally, it was believed to be nearly free of any major faulting (Hibsch, 1926).
The cross-cutting relationship, and geometric and magnitude incoherence implies a temporal evolution of slip from dip- to strike-slip during the mainshock faulting. The interpretation is consistent with the thrust fault plane solution with minor right-lateral strike-slip component.