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Khaled al-Shamsi, assistant deputy minister of fisheries wealth said that the experiment of fatting tuna is first of its kind in Yemen and region in general, adding that training courses would be organized to specialists on preparing the study of the project.
I was just fatting asleep when Boog blurted out, "Signifyin' monkey.
Viability, suceptibility to peroxidation and fatting acid composition of boar semen during liquid storage.
As a result, risks can be better managed, borrowers can be more confident that loan decisions are based on their qualifications and the credit granting process has been streamlined with processing times fatting from days and weeks to a matter of minutes in some cases.
That's not the case and opens up a whole host of potential mishaps - from thinning the ball over the green to fatting it just a few inches in front of you, trying hard to control and judge the distance through the air.
Both Goldmine and ACT offer free trial downloads so, rather than fatting prey to the Goldmine vs.
Thus, by way of a generalized nomadism, one gets the feeling of being invited under cover of Nietzschean nihi lism not to the eternal return but to the third return--the first took place around 1915-20 under historical circumstances of which we are well aware--of an art folded in on itself that wants to be ageless and free of social and historical inscription, and datable only by the generally large formats, post-American rather than postmodern, and, here or there, by a few inoffensive provocations: Chia's fatting figures, Clemente's erect penises.
indeed from any country fatting within a 51 degree radius [on] either side of MIR.
Cholesterol and blood pressure act as mediating causal factors for other risk factors such as eating fatting foods, exercise and smoking.