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The UK's fattest cities are also the heaviest TV viewers, with people watching an average of three hours a day.
70 stone What Paul Mason weighed when he was the world's fattest man J
So why does Susanne, who can't work because of her size, crave to be the world's fattest woman nearly as much as she lusts after the next mouthful of food?
The figure is even higher than in America the fattest nation on earth where one in seven 15-year-olds isobese.
BRITONS are the fattest in Europe with one in four obese, say scientists.
A CLINIC for dangerously overweight patients is to open in Britain's fattest city.
The day after O'Malley's shocking announcement that he was putting the family business on the block, speculation on interested parties revolved around some of Tinseltown's fattest cats.
THE world's fattest man has been rushed back into hospital suffering from breathing difficulties.
A NEW clinic to help dangerously overweight patients is to open in Britain's fattest city.
Tip of the week: When selecting bulbs, always choose the biggest or fattest ones in the box.
The show, which was co-written by The Royle Family's Caroline Aherne, follows Timothy's character Georgie as he attempts to prove he's Britain's fattest man.
JACK TAYLOR believes he is the fattest man in Britain.
RSPCA inspectors said Big Ben, a 10-year-old Golden Labrador, was three times the normal size and the fattest dog they had ever seen.
BRITAIN'S fattest fitness guru has vowed to don a kilt for a high-kicking Scots aerobics session - but promised to keep his underpants on.