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The Koloamatangi family is possibly the fattest on the island, with two generations all over 20 stone.
Dubbed "home of the deep-fried Mars Bar" by the mag, Glasgow's record has improved slightly since 2002 and 2003, when it was named fattest city.
Barry Austin (pictured above) used to be the fattest weighing 55 stones.
Former world's fattest man Paul, who was 70st but lost 46st after gastric bypass surgery in 2010, said he is "head over heels in love".
This year, Men's Fitness editors present the fifth annual "America's Fattest Cities" with a sense of urgency greater than ever: Despite warnings from the magazine for the last five years and from health care experts and government officials especially during this past year, overweight and obesity rates continue to climb.
MEN in Newcastle are the fattest in the country, according to a survey.
But we are ashamed of the fact that table-topping West Midlands' women are now the fattest lasses in what has already become Europe's fattest land.
CORONATION Street was yesterday named the fattest show onTV.
You always want to select the fattest, cleanest specimens.
was created, in part, as a result of Houston topping Men's Fitness magazine's annual survey as the nation's fattest city for the second consecutive year.
I will go back, celebrate with my family now and have the biggest and fattest turkey possible, with gravy dripping all down my chin.
And it has even got big buttons that the fattest of fingers can use.
You try to picture how that quote might have been translated for readers back home in Japan - ``Karros: Nomo My Fattest Teammate.
Another national report and yet another appalling statistic for us to reflect on; it's official, our children are the fattest in the country.
The Executive were shocked into action after a report showed youngsters north of the Border are among the fattest in Europe.