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fatten (one) up with (something)

To cause one to gain weight or become fatter by feeding them something in particular. The noun or pronoun can also come after "up." A: "Wow, your mom made quite a feast!" B: "I know, she seems determined to fatten us up with all our favorite foods." We need to fatten up these scrawny little kittens with some solid food.
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fatten the kitty

In betting, to put more money into the pool (which is known as a "kitty"). Come on, guys, put in your money so we can fatten the kitty and get on with this hand!
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fatten up

To cause to gain weight or become fatter by feeding. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fatten" and "up." A: "Wow, your mom made quite a feast!" B: "I know, she seems determined to fatten us up." We need to fatten up these scrawny little kittens.
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fatten up on (something)

To gain weight or become fatter by eating something in particular. It seems like the dog is fattening up on that new food.
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fatten (someone or an animal) up (with something)

to use something to make someone or an animal fat. We will fatten the calf up with corn. I don't know why they keep fattening up their children with so much food.
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fatten up

 (on something)
1. Lit. to get fat by eating something, The cattle fattened up on the succulent grass. The bears have to fatten up on food before they hibernate for the winter.
2. Fig. to become prosperous because of something. The corporations fattened up on easy profits and low taxes. The directors of the company fattened up even during the recession when the workers were laid off.
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Meet with one and ask them to do you a favor and buy a steer with good fattening potential on your behalf.
"Everyone was so full after eating such a fattening meal that they asked if there was any way to make the meals healthier," he says.
"High insulin levels are the body's last card to play to promote a stable body weight when exposed to a fattening environment," explains Tremblay.
Pumping up the volume of objects seems his only means of fattening the art's damningly faint whimsy.
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HEALTH-conscious lovers who are watching their figures won't thank you for a fattening box of chocolates.
Nuts: Considered fattening, they are one of the healthiest foods.
pounds 1.85, 896 calories, 39g fat (16.4g saturates), 5.6g salt A thin and crispy base keeps the total fat content reasonable but it's just as high in artery-clogging saturates as some more fattening pizzas.