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fatten (one) up with (something)

To cause one to gain weight or become fatter by feeding them something in particular. The noun or pronoun can also come after "up." A: "Wow, your mom made quite a feast!" B: "I know, she seems determined to fatten us up with all our favorite foods." We need to fatten up these scrawny little kittens with some solid food.
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fatten the kitty

In betting, to put more money into the pool (which is known as a "kitty"). Come on, guys, put in your money so we can fatten the kitty and get on with this hand!
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fatten up

To cause to gain weight or become fatter by feeding. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fatten" and "up." A: "Wow, your mom made quite a feast!" B: "I know, she seems determined to fatten us up." We need to fatten up these scrawny little kittens.
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fatten up on (something)

To gain weight or become fatter by eating something in particular. It seems like the dog is fattening up on that new food.
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fatten (someone or an animal) up (with something)

to use something to make someone or an animal fat. We will fatten the calf up with corn. I don't know why they keep fattening up their children with so much food.
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fatten up

 (on something)
1. Lit. to get fat by eating something, The cattle fattened up on the succulent grass. The bears have to fatten up on food before they hibernate for the winter.
2. Fig. to become prosperous because of something. The corporations fattened up on easy profits and low taxes. The directors of the company fattened up even during the recession when the workers were laid off.
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The caught tuna are transferred to cages in which they are fattened for six or seven months to meet Japanese market standards for ''sushi'' and ''sashimi,'' the report says.
When the review of the study is complete Van Fatten says he will know what permits will be required and what Synfuel has to do to obtain them.
It is a pilot project of the Federal Govt launched in Fata to fatten Calves to increase meat production.
Their willingness to fatten up showed how different they were, how committed, in a world where everybody else wanted to slim down.
This ban on the last four growth products used to fatten up livestock is the final step in the Commission's complete phase-out of non-veterinary antibiotics in feed.
"With the money my son sends I buy a cow for US$200, fatten it, and then sell it for $400," Jaramillo says.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2003: This story, told as a novel in poetry, is based on the actual customs of some cultures in various parts of the world that have rituals during puberty to fatten girls up to ready them for marriage and childbirth.
Spokesman Dewi Owen said the salt marshes never receive fertiliser or pesticide so conditions have to be perfect for the lambs to fatten.
In animal studies, Newbold and others have shown that high-dose DES exposures during pregnancy produce small to normal-size offspring that tend to stay small as adults, whereas low-dose exposures produce normal-size offspring that tend to fatten as they age.
We would like to fatten a steer for our freezer but have a limited area to do so.
In fact, big is so cool that women are forking out thousands of pounds to fatten up their rear end.
But the restaurant industry seems to be locked in a horse race to fatten up our bellies and our arteries.
The result is that, gram-for-gram, it takes less "grazing" land to fatten a bug than a cow.
Longtime observers of the American space program may remember a time back in the mid-1980s when NASA used seats on its space shuttle missions to carry amateurs in an effort to fatten its budget--much like Russia did in accepting Tito's $20 million.
Liebman simply forgets that the best way to fatten cattle is to feed them excessive amounts of low-fat grain.