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And here I align with Gallagher's bravura reading of the fatted calf passage in "The Body Versus the Social Body": "The biological economy envisioned here is one in which cattle 'eat' men," 97.
Hey Dad, says he, I've been knocking myself out for you, and this guy gets the fatted calf?
Mean values and variation coefficient (VC) to live weight components of males lambs Hampshire Down crossbreed, fatted with diet containing (100%) silage of corn grain, 80% of corn grain with 20% sunflower seed and 99% of corn grain with 1% of urea.
In this version, Congress becomes the father who rushes out with a ring and fatted calf.
But upon seeing the younger son return, the father embraced him, and ordered his congressmen and senators and thrift supervisors to bring him the best robe, and put a ring on his finger, and to bring a fatted calf, so that all may eat and be merry and enjoy themselves under a large TARP set out on the lawn.
Didn't they realize they were milking the fatted calf dry?
E lived down't lane in a big owse wi iz porky fatted fingers drippin rings and blottin copy after nervous copy--and for what?
Some also targeted nurses who had fatted English language requirements for nursing, brought them to New Zealand for nurse aide training and they then worked as caregivers for around $12 an hour.
Shane, do you remember the story in the New Testament of the fatted calf and also the parable concerning the little fishes?
We were eagerly awaiting a fatted calf, along with suckling pig, flagons of mead, and dates and candied fruits smeared on the sinuous bellies of doe-eyed dancing girls.
But the father happily welcomes back his wayward son, ordering that a fatted calf be killed for a celebration of the young man's return.
This revival should come as no surprise--the impulse to establish and communicate sovereign selfhood remains fundamental, and the currently fatted marketplace only encourages its indulgence, since the fear of commercial failure still often trumps the desire to avoid played-out tropes.
Hoan ordered a nice fatted calf to make grilled veal, which was the first course.
Even though you offer me your burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them; and the offerings of well-being of your fatted animals I will not look upon.
Hazy memories of whole afternoons spent chatting up receptionists under garish office paperchains or sitting for hours in the local pub with a "client" are now as old-fashioned as bewhiskered gentlemen with tail coats and sideburns talking to ladies in crinolines while carving the fatted goose.