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Malthus's musing on the fatted calf as an unproductive laborer can't but remind us of his cautious strictures on aristocrats' love of trifles as well as his animadversions on the overvaluing of manufactures over agriculture.
1 Napa's Fatted uses grass-fed beef and a bit of bourbon in their cure, resulting in a jerky with deep meaty flavor, lots of smoke, and a little tang.
When the bellhop finds us, our bodies/have fatted into taffy, and our parents,/unaffected, scoop from our formless forms/the shape of a child.
They may not have coveted each others wives or worshipped fatted calves, but they weren't so scrupulous about some of the other Ten Commandments - and their country hasn't been since.
Unlike the A-B deal, however, ABI would not find itself with a fatted calf ready for draconian cost cuts.
the United States is responsible for nearly half of all global military spending Our sacred pig is bigger than any other fatted sow out there.
In "Of Commerce and Society" he calls Auschwitz "a fable / Unbelievable in fatted marble" In Speech
Speakers: John Stewart, Black Pig Bacon; Taylor Boetticher, The Fatted Calf; Stephen Stryjewski, Cochon; Sheana Davis, The Epicurean Connection, Inc.
Seeing the lad far off, he runs to embrace him, calls the relatives to come over, and plans to kill the fatted calf out back.
Or he may have found time to delve into the Bible and ruminate over the parable of the prodigal, which explains the metaphysics of slaying the fatted calf for a prodigal.
Long a friend to and champion of his beloved "Tommies"--British soldiers--Kipling pulled no punches in his poem, "Till the fatted souls of the English were scourged with the thing called Shame.
It's extraordinary, it's a moment I'll never forget," said the chef, who serves up such delicacies as fatted chicken cooked with crayfish, offal and truffles to 45 tables per night.
In this version, Congress becomes the father who rushes out with a ring and fatted calf.
But upon seeing the younger son return, the father embraced him, and ordered his congressmen and senators and thrift supervisors to bring him the best robe, and put a ring on his finger, and to bring a fatted calf, so that all may eat and be merry and enjoy themselves under a large TARP set out on the lawn.
E lived down't lane in a big owse wi iz porky fatted fingers drippin rings and blottin copy after nervous copy--and for what?