fate is sealed

(one's) fate is sealed

A particular outcome for one is assured. If the jury comes back with a guilty verdict, then his fate is sealed.
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someone's fate is sealed

Fig. the destiny of somene has been determined. When the driver finally saw that the bridge was out, he knew his fate was sealed.
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References in classic literature ?
If it enters my ear, my fate is sealed. I should die presently." The Lion said, "Well, since so huge a beast is afraid of a tiny gnat, I will no more complain, nor wish myself dead.
Boateng is content to shelve talks on his future until City's fate is sealed.
If Laura's fate is sealed, so is Malcolm's sealed, as he is ultimately "saved" by the model of progress in the Autobiography that is so much a part of the American historical record.
Lazarus is free, while in the same moment Jesus' fate is sealed. This final demonstration of the power at work in him cannot be allowed to go unaddressed, especially because of the effect it is having on the crowds who have witnessed this miracle.
The hobo agrees, and John Christopher believes his fate is sealed. Many years later, he stumbles across his daughters dancing in the snow at Howard University in Washington, D.C.: