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femme fatale

A mysterious and attractive woman who puts men in dangerous or compromising situations. James Bond is always able to see through the evil plot of the femme fatale.
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(be) a ˌfemme faˈtale

(from French) a beautiful woman that men find sexually attractive but who brings them trouble or unhappiness: The movie follows the relationship between sexy femme fatale Suzy and young lawyer Jim, which eventually leads to a murderous crime of passion.
The meaning of the French expression is ‘disastrous woman’.
See also: fatale, femme
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femme fatale

An attractive woman who is, for one reason or another, dangerous. French for “fatal woman,” the term has been used in English since about 1900, and today it is often used more ironically than seriously. Michael Arlen used it in The Green Hat (1924): “So you heard about it from that femme fatale, did you?” Much more recently Richard Dyer used it in the sense of “very glamorous” in describing the singer who played the leading role in the opera Carmen: “She’s physically and vocally limber, and revels in her femme-fatale look” (Boston Globe, March 24, 2005).
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Joey Fatale's idea and legacy proved to outlive him.
Vik said each set of songs explores a different meditation on the concept of femme fatale.
The code ensured that the perceived villainy of the femme fatale was inevitably met with 'just' punishment.
One of the reasons Femme Fatale Guns is enjoying success with men and women is their customer service.
The situation in France was different and ultimately led to different constructions of the fatale figure, as I have argued previously (Rolls and Walker 2009: 176-97).
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While I don't advocate femme fatale behaviour, you have to admit that these ladies have got style.
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FATALE: Stone As for Penn, you can actually see his credibility leaving his body during his character's meltdown near the end.
Jany Temime has identified Bond's femme fatales as being defined thus she gave it all to make them look "sensual and womanly."
Using the crisp techniques associated with classical Hollywood cinema, Huston introduces his femme fatale by dividing the scene into three planes.
Britney Spears' new album, Femme Fatale, is rocking the top of the charts with heavy hitting beats adorned with Brit's seductive vocals and epic club anthems that make it almost impossible for you to stand still!
Summary: A defence lawyer has told the court that Amanda Knox is not a manipulating, sex-obsessed "femme fatale" but is rather like Jessica Rabbit.
Mel C proves it's about being real - there's no saccharine sweetness, no femme fatale, just a take-me-as-you-see me attitude that shines through.