mod. having large buttocks. (Usually objectionable.) Get your fat-ass self outa my car!
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I also keep it because the issue ran a report on renowned British journalist and author Christopher Hitchens, who started out as a liberal leftist, and ended up being a rightist, to the point that his colleague Alexander Cockburn in the liberal the Nation said, after Hitchens joined the Likudnik the Weekly Standard, that he is a "Lying, Self-Serving, Fat-Assed, Chain-Smoking, Drunken, Opportunistic, Cynical Contrarian".
The SX4 may not be a fat-assed glacier melter but it may help keep your relatives out of hospital car parks when the gritting doesn't happen this winter.
Another Counterpunch writer, Jack McCarthy, sputtered that Hitchens was a "lying, self-serving, fat-assed, chain smoking, drunken, opportunistic, cynical contrarian.
on a Thursday and the Manhattan nightclub is bedazzled with the facade of splendor: Lingerie-clad dancers jiggle on platforms, waitresses shuttle bottle-service vodka and a fat-assed financier beams beneath a shower of birthday confetti.
Miyazaki is not so simpleminded as to locate a perfect vision in the past or the spiritual--remember the fat-assed, gold-wielding creature that eats the screaming bathhouse staff?
Hart has a pinched pixie face that can easily register the several-octave emotional range of this glorious monster, who can call her son a "four-eyed fat-assed creep" in a manner both abusive and loving.
The first depicts "Bickski," a fat-assed disgusting biker, covered with tattoos, including a gothic-lettered "pride" across his bulging gut.
The Woodside Social Club is hosting a monthly night of psychedelic cabaret, including live music, comedians, '60s vibes mighty soul and fat-assed funk.
We don't want their dumb, fat-assed opinion inflicted on us.