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And people look at her and think - well, if she's fat and happy and has all that, I can too.
According to pre-op Fern, she didn't care about being big, she was fat and happy. Now we learn that wasn't strictly true.
This has turned into a PC fat and happy mantra, one that all overweight people must repeat, while smiling, obviously, whenever asked about their weight.
Fat and happy and skinny and confused are both cons and Fern has now exposed them as such.
I've decided just to let things go and be fat and happy. Will that do me any harm?
And before the "I'm Fat and Happy Brigade" start screaming, "What do you know, you fat cow?" let me say that, yes, I am QUITE a fat cow but I've been a VERY fat cow in my time, which is why I can say with absolute authority that being grossly overweight matters - a lot.