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faster and faster

At an increasingly fast speed. Hey, if you keep driving faster and faster, you're going to get pulled over for speeding.
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faster than a cat lapping chain lightning

Extremely fast. That car took off out of here faster than a cat lapping chain lightning—no wonder the cops stopped him.
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faster than a speeding bullet

Extremely fast. The phrase was most famously used to describe Superman in the theme song to Adventures of Superman. You're gonna have to run faster than a speeding bullet to beat this girl—she can maintain a pace that is basically superhuman.
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faster than greased lightning

1. adjective Incredibly quick or speedy. Did you see that martial arts expert? Those kicks were faster than greased lightning!
2. adverb Incredibly quickly or speedily; as fast as possible. Mary raced out of the room faster than greased lightning when she heard the teacher coming.
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faster than you can say Jack Robinson

Extremely quickly; almost immediately; suddenly or in a very short space of time. Once I'm finished with high school, I'll be outta this two-bit town faster than you can say Jack Robinson! I was out fishing one day when, faster than you can say Jack Robinson, a 20-pound trout jumped out of the water and right into my lap!
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the bigger/faster/etc. the better

The more of a given characteristic something has, the better it will be for one's purposes. The noun being described can come before the phrase, or immediately after the comparative adjective In this day and age of identity theft and cyber attacks, the more complicated your passwords, the better. Pour me a drink, Johnny—the stronger the better.
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faster and faster

at an increasing rate of speed; fast and then even faster. The car went faster and faster and I was afraid we would crash. The cost of education goes up faster and faster every year.
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the ˌbigger, ˌfaster, etc. the ˈbetter

used to say that something should be as big, fast, etc. as possible: As far as the hard disk is concerned, the bigger the better.
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faster than a speeding bullet

phr. & comp. abb. Very fast. (From the introduction to the old radio program, The Adventures of Superman. Superman was faster than a speeding bullet.) I’ll be there FTASB. I ordered it on Wednesday, and it was on my doorstep, faster than a speeding bullet, the next day.
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faster than a cat lapping chain lightning

Another old Southern expression, this one meaning very fast indeed.
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Consumers in Saudi Arabia perceive faster networks to be more expensive, although upgrading is in fact free in Saudi Arabia.
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Bescot Springs 6g, Lucinda Russell soft/heavy 2U5112 good to soft or faster 545063131F Progressive staying chaser on decent ground, but best form in bumpers and hurdles was on soft.
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The first line of defense was the use of faster and larger tape drives.
How can you not like a technology that gets the basic ingredient of chocolate to market faster? That's the promise of a cocoa bean-drying technology recently introduced in Uganda by the Italian chocolate company ICAM, based north of Milan.
There are many ways to take advantage of this scorch protection, according to the company, for example, faster compounding, faster extrusion and faster molding operations at increased temperatures with no scorch threat and less scrap.
"The MicroBlaze 4.00 solution with the new FPU delivers even more performance, flexibility and ease of use, so our embedded developers can extend the life cycle of our existing products and bring new products to market even faster."
Lib Dem trains would be faster than Virgin's Pendolinos, launched this week, faster than the French TGV, faster even than Japanese bullet trains.
Yet, though lactate accumulation is associated with muscle fatigue, at least two studies have found that, during repeated sprints, a faster removal of blood lactate does not necessarily imply a faster recovery of performance.