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fasten someone or something (on)to someone or something

to attach people or things together. He fastened himself onto the mast of the boat with a length of rope. I fastened a note onto Jimmy, so his kindergarten teacher would read it and remind him to wear his gloves home.
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fasten something down (to something)

to attach something down to something else. Fasten this board down to the top of the workbench. Please fasten down the board.
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fasten something up

to close something up, using buttons, a zipper, snaps, hooks, a clasp, or other things meant to hold something closed. Please fasten this up for me. I can't reach the zipper. Please fasten up my buttons in back.
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fasten (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to take firm hold of someone or something. She fastened upon me and would not let me go until she finished speaking. I don't like people who fasten on me and ask a lot of questions.
2. Fig. to fix one's attention on someone or something. He fastened upon the picture for a brief moment and then turned away. The baby fastened on the television screen and watched it for many minutes.
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Gains will be stimulated by favorable market conditions for military procurement in many areas and by growing use of these products in other applications where fastener performance is critical.
Growth in demand for standard fasteners is forecast to outpace that for aerospace-grade products through 2017.
Joe Chen, chairman of Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute, said that the industry turns out about US$4.
Anti-dumping for Chinese fastener industry damage is huge; enterprises should take countermeasures, increase technological input, and improve product technical content.
The design allows our devices to be used transorally, without incisions, and permits multiple fastener deployment with a single device insertion, minimizing patient risk, discomfort and recovery time.
On the parka, loosen or open the following fasteners.
For instance, Sequa used a counter bore locking fastener arrangement to secure a several thousand pound flywheel to canning machinery.
Whether the cause is an excessively worn wrench, an undersized fastener, a fastener with rounded corners or use of mis-sized wrenches and fasteners, poor fit will result in insufficient bearing surface between wrench and fastener to transmit the load that is required to remove the fastener.
Special fasteners are available for hollow walls; they grip the plasterboard by expanding in, or behind, the wall and remain securely in place.
Reed and his co-workers prepare these novel fasteners by applying the same techniques now widely used for manufacturing dense webs of electronic devices on silicon chips.
This year's "Taiwan International Fastener Show" includes exhibits covering all kinds of fastener production services, fastener manufacturing, production machines and equipment, fastener tools, inspection and testing devices, and steel and raw material suppliers, etc.
Concise Analysis of the International and Chinese Fastener Industry' is a professional and in-depth research report on the global fastener industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
Taipei, March 16, 2012 (CENS) -- Benefiting from a recovering global market for steel products, Taiwan's major fastener makers have received a bumper crop of contract orders so far and are widely believed to finish this year with revenue growths between 10% and 20%, according to institutional investors.
The fastener convertible from an installed condition on an article, to a deployed condition, and then to a closed condition, and, once in the closed condition, convertible to an opened condition and, once in the opened condition, convertible between a re-closed condition and a reopened condition; said fastener comprising:
WORLD INDUSTRIAL FASTENER DEMAND TO REACH $55 BILLION IN 2010 Global demand for industrial fasteners is projected to rise 4.